Trails of Love

Late May Morning, trails of love 023

This morning I found the most amazing gift in a tiny and unexpected way, through the most unlikely creature.  As I was walking and praying, I noticed on the path a snail trail. The substance the creature had left behind showed where it had crawled. I passed by at first, but then turned around to take a closer look.

I took a picture.

Late May Morning, trails of love 018

A perfect heart glistened back at me in the early morning sunshine.

“God, You know I am a very unlikely creature, when it comes to representing Jesus and His love. Show me, through the Holy Spirit, how to leave a trail of love and unexpected gifts, as I walk through life. Show me the many ways I can love like You love me. Use all I have, even the things I find unworthy, to point others to Your love, one day at a time.”Late May Morning, trails of love 016

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(Picture and devotional by Heidi Viars, May 2015)

About Heidi Viars

“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth ...” ― C.S. Lewis ..... In my pursuit of self, I found utter darkness. In my pursuit of truth, I found Jesus, who dispelled the darkness by His forgiveness. Now I follow Him and try to understand Him better. I am a wife, mother of 6, blogger and love taking photographs of sunrises.
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14 Responses to Trails of Love

  1. Debbie M. says:

    I put this post in the category of God shows up. Are we paying attention? What a wonderful gift God gave you to make your quiet time with Him “come alive!”

  2. in567 says:

    Hi, Heidi! It sure is wonderful to get pick me ups like these through nature. For myself today, I was so happy to see the rainbows through the water I was spraying from my garden hose. Although things like that can be explained with science, it’s still a blessed miracle, no? So happy for ya that you got to see this snail trail.
    p.s. Do you happen to remember which post is the one in which you mention about your having gone to see your family for a sort of reunion get-together? I’d like to read that one again, if you might recall which one I’m referrin’ to. Thanks!

  3. Rene Yoshi says:

    [squealing with delight] I love when God does that!!

  4. Gorgeous! So wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  5. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Oh, yes: “Show me, through the Holy Spirit, how to leave a trail of love and unexpected gifts, as I walk through life.” To make people smile, to turn attention to Jesus, to minister hope and encouragement–what a fulfilling way to live! Thank you, Heidi, for the snail “heart-trail” story as inspiration.

    • Heidi Viars says:

      Thank you, dear Nancy, for reading. Like I said to Rene above, I walked the same path again today. I never saw any snail trails at all. He directs our paths, when we live for Him. (a gal from Bible Study was wondering if He used something like an Etch A Sketch to make the snail go where He needed it to move 🙂 )

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