Eating Seeds

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I gave you my Word as a seed to plant
Into the heart of the lost and faint.

I tilled the ground and the seed was ready.
The soil was nourished, the rains came steady.

But fields lay barren, the harvest was scares.
The fruit was little – instead there grew tares.

I saw in dismay you were eating seeds,
As you sat in church – in comfortable seats.

Don’t be hiding your Light in a world that is dark.
Now go plant my Word! Go and leave my mark!

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Luke 8:11
“Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.
(Pictures and Poem by Heidi Viars, 2015)

3 responses to “Eating Seeds”

  1. As a gardener (small veggie garden), I “grieve” over plants that die and seeds that don’t germinate. Thank you for the reminder to plant God’s seeds in the lives of others. Our retired pastor’s wife would always say, “We are to sow seeds, not throw seeds!” May we all be more intentional in sharing God’s word!


  2. Amy & Ron Polcyn Avatar
    Amy & Ron Polcyn

    Love, Amy


    1. Your comment made it perfectly 🙂 … Thanks for being a “planter”, dear dear friend!!!! So grateful I get to watch fruit grow from your efforts!


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