A Strange Place

While walking through the morning fields,
My heart is drawn to this strange place
A place where all my worries yield
Where troubles bend to stunning grace.

While my concerns and fears remain,
While not one single trouble leaves,
I hear, “Child, nothing is in vain!”
And there I sense Him in my grief.

While circumstances all still rage,
Therein this place I know for sure
That not alone my fears I face
And that His presence is my cure.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you,
you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15:5
“Lord, Your presence is my good.
Teach my heart, through the power of the Holy Spirit,
to crave You more than the comforts of my life.”

   (Pictures and poetry, Heidi Viars 2018)
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Like the Dew


This morning I went out early. The grass was wet with dew and the field glistened in the early morning sun. A stunning amount of droplets had gathered all over the grass, shrubs, and flowers.

I couldn’t help but take my shoes off to feel the cold, wet morning through my feet. Deuteronomy 32:2 came to mind.

May my teaching drop as the rain,
    my speech distill as the dew,
like gentle rain upon the tender grass,
    and like showers upon the herb.

Moses had just given the Law to the people and passed on the baton of leadership to Joshua. He compared God’s instructions to a gentle shower, a soothing rain, and dew. Nevertheless, He knew the people were weak and wouldn’t be able to keep the Law.

This morning I found such comfort when I contemplated the kindness of our Savior, Jesus. I can’t keep God’s Law and measure up to His perfection. I worry too much. I am impatient when I need to show compassion. I yell at the kids when I need to listen and when I ought to get upset, I keep silent. I remember things I should forget and forget what I suppose to remember.

Thinking about Him and what He did, gave me such peace. As the cold penetrated my feet, I thought of Jesus’ kindness toward us. He told us how much He loved us and demonstrated it by His deeds. Like a dew, He wants to settle Himself in our hearts, refresh us. He is our Perfection before God.

 “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes” (Romans 4:10).

Jesus came to fulfill the law. He said of Himself,

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.” (Matthew 5:17-18). 

Jesus told His disciples on the Road to Emmaus that He Himself was what all the Jewish Scriptures had been pointing to. (Luke 24:27

With these truths in mind, I can confidently walk into the paths my God has for me. Jesus has made me righteous. I can trust Him and let Him settle His Spirit into my weary soul. IMG_3942

(Pictures and Devotional, Heidi Viars, 2018)

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After All

I am so grateful to my best Friend who has stuck it out with me for the past 30 years.

(I wrote this a couple of years ago. The words are still true today!)

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A Part of the Whole

As I was walking through the woods a few days ago, I came across a single blossom, suspended by an almost invisible thread of spider web.

It took some time to catch this delicate flower with my phone camera. An ever so slight breeze kept moving it out of view of my small lens. During my efforts, I noticed the branch from which the lonely blossom had made its descent, an elderberry treen in bloom.

My heart was captured by the thought of our loving Father holding us individually in His capable hand. I reflected on His delight in the Church when individuals display His heart of love and care to one another. I wondered if we always comprehend our individual importance and moreover the great power the Holy Spirit displays in the community of believers.

A single blossom, on the way
The Father’s mindful piece of art.
Alone not able to display
The fullness of His loving Heart.

A lonely, quiet-sounding note,
Precisely placed, composed with skill.
Her tune reflecting God who wrote
The symphony of His sound will.

One snowflake dropping to the ground,
In weakness melts; its beauty goes.
But sticking to the snow around,
As avalanche brings mountains low.

So it’s with you, beloved friend.
Made unique – part of the whole.
The Gospel is our means and end
And “Glory to God” the highest goal.

“Father, Your loving-kindness surpasses our understanding.
Make us effective in Your Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit as we serve one another in the community of believers, Your Church.
Help us repent of our pride.
Draw us to Your Word of Truth and make us bold as we
proclaim Jesus.” 

So we, though many, are one body in Christ,
and individually members one of another.
Romans 12:5
(Pictures, Word and Poetry by Heidi Viars, 2018) 


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Fearful Neighbors

I am having a hard time getting used to them. Quite frankly, they are a bit annoying. I think I made the property look way too inviting. At first, they both took a careful glance at the house and left. Then they came back – for good. Our neighborhood hasn’t been the same since they moved in.

Mr. and Mrs. Eastern Bluebird are not the easygoing couple. After they inspected the new birdhouse, which I had set securely on the fence post of the garden, they grabbed their twigs and moved in.

I don’t want to complain about my new neighbors but she appears fearful and, might I say, slightly paranoid. Any reflection of herself sets her off into a tizzy. At random she attacks bedroom windows and car mirrors of any kind. At precisely 4:35 am, driven by the first ray of sunlight, she fearlessly seeks out the threat of “other birds” in bedroom windows. While she toils and soils, she ruins our sleep and view. He is enabling and a tad bit too nice to her. When she is worn out and tired she heads back to the fence where he is waiting to feed her a juicy bug from his beak.


I feel sad for her in her frenzy. I’d like to tell her to relax, explain to her worried mother’s heart that she along with her family are safe. If I could just take the form of a bird for a moment, I’d fly over and bring her some grubs, have a chat and try to encourage her to trust that she is ok. I’d point out that her fears are based on nothing and that her future and the future of her young are secure.



I am reminded of our God. While we flapped around in our fearfulness and sins, He came to us in the form of a man. Jesus dwelled among us to communicate God’s heart to a lost and fearful people. Jesus came to the World so that we would not have to stand before God in fear of His judgment. By accepting Jesus’ punishment for our sins and His death on the cross, by repenting from our sins, we get to enjoy a secure future. In surrendering our lives to Christ, we are able to understand the endless and beautiful love of our Father and Maker. And in that love, there is little room for fear. 

“Father, thank you for your kindness to our hearts. You tell us not to fear. You ask us to trust you. Teach us that in your perfect love there is no room for fear.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
For fear has to do with punishment,
and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”
1 John 4:18
(Devotional and Pictures Heidi Viars, 2018) 

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Hidden in Clear View

Sometimes we miss the blessings right in front of us.
Keep looking for them. You might be surprised how close they are.

“Lord, I so often miss the gifts you have set before me. Open my eyes so I can see them and open my heart so I can embrace them. Thank you for your faithfulness!” 

But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear.
Matthew 13:16

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Penny Conversations

I love walking early in the morning with my Great Dane Thor. A few times a week we get to head out into the open fields and quiet woods for much-needed exercise.

Several weeks ago, on one of those beautiful walks, I found myself in a conversation with a stranger which I have never seen and strangely with whom I have never exchanged a word…

Thor and I regularly come by a bench in the middle of a prairie. On this particular morning, I sat down for a few minutes, closed my eyes and let the early morning winter sun warm my face. When I open my eyes, I noticed on the ground in front of me, in the melting snow, something shiny. I dug around with my feet and found a bunch of pennies. Without thinking much, I picked them up and arranged them in the shape of a cross on the bench’s armrest. Then I got up and headed back on my walk.

The other day I passed by the same bench and to my surprise found the cross still on the armrest. However, when I looked closer I noticed that it wasn’t exactly the way I had left it. Two pennies had been added to the center. Without hesitation, I grabbed one more penny and placed it on the two in middle and kept on walking. I smiled knowing that I was “conversing” with someone.

Yesterday morning I headed out again. This time determined for the bench and the cross. I wasn’t disappointed and found it rearranged. The pennies in the center were gone. Someone was trying to communicate with me. I thought for a moment how I could make my presence known. Quickly I turned all the pennies face up, with the exception of the center; I kept it heads-down. I headed for the rest of my walk – thinking for a long time about my Heavenly Father and the way He communicates with me.

Though I have not seen my Heavenly Father nor heard Him audibly say words to me, He leaves me messages everywhere. He communicates clearly through many different ways. The Bible speaks most clearly about God, who He is, what His intentions and plans are for humanity and even for my life. God also uses other people who know Him to speak truth into my life. They see things I can’t and relay messages from my Father to my heart. While I walk I often experience God’s messages for me in nature. He shows me His immeasurable power in stars and in the tiniest plant. He shows me how He cares for the birds and assures me He sees me, too.
However, the greatest message of God to humanity is the message of the cross, the Gospel. Here God showed His love for us in the most unexpected way. His flawless character mingled together with His loving intentions for us. His perfection painfully displayed our imperfections. Jesus Christ and His death on the cross was the most costly provision God had to offer to fallen people and their sins.

Maybe my cross is worth less than 20 cents, but I am eternally grateful it still speaks the most valuable message to people everywhere. I have a strange feeling the stranger knows this, too. 

1 Corinthians 1:18
For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.


(pictures and devotional, Heidi Viars, 2018)

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