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The cursed ground shakes violentlyThe sky goes dark – though it is day.Accusing foes stand silentlyIn awe behold the Truth the Way. God tears the veil – so all can see Rends wall that shrouds the Holy Place No longer heard a debtor’s plea Come! You who’re freed, behold His face. Your groaning nature’s overcomeBy thorns grown out of bloody dirt,Worn as a crown – to hail God’s SonThat joys instead of sighs be birthed. Come! Open eyes – like tombstones wide –Walk in – or stand outside and know… Read more Life

Rise Heart

This morning, Lindsey just took my breath away with her words. Please check out her beautiful and hopeful post. “What a blessing it was to read here, Lindsey … THANK YOU!” ~~~ Dawn is an old woman creaking out of bed this morning. Her rosy fingers are slow to pull back the covers. Her sigh is cold at the window.  I rise into slippers and wool and spilled coffee, the morning still grey as I patter about the house. This year has seemed slow to dawn too, at least in… Read more Rise Heart