The Last Thing I Remember

Long ago a stranger did say,
“May we hold hands and quickly pray?
May the last thing you remember of me
Be a prayer we prayed for your family.”

I never forgot her kindness and deed.
That she prayed for a stranger in her need.
I thought of her words so often since then –
Try to apply them every now and then.

Just last week I said to my friend,
“May I hold your hand here at your end?”
We prayed as we spoke our last words that day.

“Lord, help me remember and teach me to pray!”

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:12
(Pictures and poem, Heidi Viars, 2016)


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Becoming Perfect

The Holy Spirit has so many times spoken to my heart through Bill’s posts. This post was not any different.

Unshakable Hope

I’ve learned so much about following Christ over the almost twenty years that I’ve been dealing with this frustrating disease known as ALS. It’s been a long and, in every sense, a painful road to travel. But, from a Christian perspective, it’s these difficult trials that are supposed to shape and perfect us:

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” (James 1:2-4)

One word stands out to me when I read the above passage – perfect.

Perfect: being entirely without fault or defect: flawless b: satisfying all requirements: accurate.

Jesus did say that His followers were to be perfect (Matthew 5:48). That’s a tough standard; the toughest of all standards. It’s kind of funny to think about now, but…

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Of Racism, Hitler Youth, and the Need to Share

My earliest memories of my grandfather are vivid. After Sunday afternoon walks with the family we sometimes ended up in the Gasthaus, a quaint local gathering place in the middle of the village. The adults would sit with beer and wine and talked, while the kids played outside, often until late into the evening. First, conversations were peaceful and centered around the family. Later, when the Schnaps came out, my grandfather turned louder and less polite, cursing and going on about his hate of Jews.

He had grown up in a dysfunctional family. He had no anchor at home, no father who cared for him. Hitler’s propaganda and lies fell into fertile soil. The seed of hate was fed by the Hitler Youth, and later the German Army. All those provided my grandfather with a purpose and a place of belonging, an evil and wicked place.

Many years later, after I had moved to the States, I learned about Jesus and placed my trust in Him. I wrote my grandfather a letter telling him about God and His plan for him. He was ill with a lung disease. The letter arrived one day after he passed away. He never heard about the forgiveness of God in Jesus, at least not from me. I blamed myself for many years after that, for not having spoken up to him and for not having shared at a time he would have been able to listen.

Jesus Christ has promised us a place of belonging and purpose. In Him we find everything our hearts long for. Yet as Christians we fail to share the cure and fail to point the way to the place of belonging. We encounter many lost souls, many who are searching for a place of belonging and identity. Before Satan fills them with His counterfeit, let’s go and share about our King and Messiah, Jesus Christ, who came to show us the way to God.

march 31st sunrise 035I have come into the world as light,
so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.
John 12:46
(Heidi Viars, 2016)

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IMG_2434My laundry line had been staring at me through my kitchen window. The sight of it made me feel guilty for not using it more and my dryer less. While I love the smell of laundry that has been hung out to dry, I don’t like the work that comes with it, especially with all the loads I do.

A few days ago I had an idea; I replaced the laundry lines with bird feeders.

IMG_2450Since then, a variety of birds have been finding their way in
and have replaced my guilt with delight.

IMG_2423I have been wondering, if that’s how God sees our lives as well?

Often we fail to live out our calling.
We miss opportunities, choose the wrong paths,
run too far ahead or fall too far behind.


He is able to use us despite our greatest failures.
Nothing we do, or fail to do, can mess up His plans,
Nor stop Him from loving us.

“Lord, use us despite of us.
Instead of letting guilt and shame define us,
show us a new and pleasing way.
Help us not to doubt Your Love.
You are our Creator.
You always know how to use what we have.
Lord, help us in our weakness to point others to Your Son,
Jesus Christ and His Love.”

IMG_2498 (1)Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21 (ESV)

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RESOLVED – A Challenge to my Friends

I made my summer plans. I called a few of my friends and put out a challenge.
In the middle of more laundry and less quiet time, of running around and spinning about, I have made room!

I am challenging my friends and myself to read and become RESOLVED.

I am flabbergasted. In only two weeks, we have grown into a group of over sixty women (and still growing) who will be reading Lina Abujamra’s book. I am challenging my friends (and now you!)
1. to be in sincere prayer, before even cracking the cover, for God to show you how to stand strong and live what you believe – in real and practical ways
2. to pray for one other person to read the book with you

We are planning to meet with our group at the end of summer and share how God has used RESOLVED.

I can’t wait!!!

Go here to find out more!




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Hear Him

IMG_1866My Father He speaks – for He loves His child.
His Words are gentle, His attitude kind.

My Father He speaks to those in despair.
His patient persistence brings comfort and care.

My Father He speaks to the child who seeks Him.
He makes Himself known to the humble within.

My Father He speaks in the depth of the night.
He whispers His knowledge through the stars in the sky.

My Father He speaks in the middle of pain.
He comforts the weak, the afflicted and strained.

If you are His child and wonder today,
if your Father can speak – please stop and pray.

Then sit in the silence and open His Word.
Repent and seek Him – for there He is heard.

IMG_1867Whoever is of God hears the words of God.
The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.
John 8:47

Lord, teach my heart to listen to You as You speak!
Help me to not only be sure to hear Your Word,
But more importantly obey what You say.

(Pictures, Prayer and Poetry, Heidi Viars, 2016)


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Don’t Get Used to It!

deer, April 5th, 2014 010It’s been almost 15 years since we moved from Kansas to Wisconsin. I remember when my husband called me after his job interview with the news that we would soon be moving.

“They asked me if you want to come here, before I take the job, to see if you like Wisconsin!”

I did not have to see it. I knew I would love it.

“Do they have a tree up there?”, I asked jokingly.

“Honey, you won’t believe how beautiful it is here!”

My eyes could not get their fill when we finally drove through Wisconsin’s picturesque countryside for the first time. Lakes and rivers, hills and farmland, and trees, lots and lots of trees sprawled out along the way. I remember a prayer I prayed often in those days.

“God, don’t ever let my heart get so used to the beauty, that I won’t see it anymore!”

Last night, I remembered that prayer. As I was driving home from church, the setting sun was breathing an orange hew over a quiet lake. In the fields cranes and deer were silently promising signs of the warmer season ahead. Our service was filled with deep emotions, praise, and thanksgiving over what Christ had done for us.

“God, don’t ever let my heart get so used to the beauty, that I won’t see it anymore!”

Even though we have heard this week’s message so many times, may it be an new opportunity to exercise our emotions, like a muscle. May we drag not only our reasoning but also our emotions into the realities of the Truth, namely that everything on this earth is ultimately about Jesus Christ and God’s love for mankind. May we feel it again – anew.

Listen, my soul, to the song of God’s love,
He promised you good.
Be moved and stirred, my being, by His constant presence;
Your Creator has come down to earth.
Look, my heart, see what God has done –
The cross and the tomb are empty.
For your debt is paid – IN FULL.
Hope, my spirit, in the Son He sent.
or you were created to live and have your being in Jesus Christ.

“God, don’t ever let my heart get so used to the beauty, that I won’t see it anymore!”

IMG_2278for “‘In him we live and move and have our being’;
as even some of your own poets have said,
“‘For we are indeed his offspring.’
Acts 17:28 (ESV)
(Pictures and text by Heidi Viars, 2016)

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