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The Cruelty of God

After I cleaned up dinner, I walked out into a cold Wisconsin evening with a garbage bag in tote. One of the neighbors was burning leaves. The late fall smell calmed me. I flung the day’s garbage into the large bin as if I was tossing it overboard. A friend was going through a rough time. His struggles weighed on me and felt as if they hung in the chilled air. I stopped in the middle of the yard. My eyes had almost adjusted to the dark as I stared… Read more The Cruelty of God

Filling up with Bob

“One person can’t change the whole world. But one person can change the whole world of another person.”  I decided to pull into the wholesale gas station. Might as well, even though I only needed half a tank, I was already in town and gas was cheaper here. I leaned against the car and watched the numbers click away behind the Plexiglas. Filling up wouldn’t take long. When the attendant saw me, he slowly made his way over, nodded and greeted me with a gentle, “Thanks for stopping in.” He… Read more Filling up with Bob

The Wrong Mask

Recently a good friend made me a mask. I really loved it … until I wanted to put it on in public. I paused when I looked at it as I walked up to the store. Then, without hesitation, I put it back in my bag and pulled out a different one. It’s not that I don’t love Jesus. I do. More than anything. It’s not that I don’t want to tell others about Him. I do. Whenever the Spirit prompts me. No. Those are not the reasons I think… Read more The Wrong Mask