The Crown (Continued…)

It was a rough night. The pain in my hand kept me up for most of it. Even before the sun came up and the first light of day came into the room, I could see my hand was swollen and terribly infected. A red, painful streak was making its way from my palm to my wrist. I felt weak and assumed that the infection was causing a fever. It wasn’t just the pain though that caused my sleepless night; I couldn’t get this man’s bloody face out of my mind. Over and over this question haunted me. What if he truly was the Son of God?

It was just before sunrise, when I headed to where I thought they buried him. On that hill a few days ago, Joseph was descriptive of his own tomb when he spoke with Nicodemus, another religious man. He clearly talked about where he was going to take him. I got dressed and set out on foot. The walk made me tired; With each step I felt weaker. The closer I got, the more regret I felt about the way I had treated him.

I arrived as the sun rose. Someone was sitting on a large rock next to the tomb. When I came closer I was blinded by what I thought was the rising sun. With both of my hands I shielded my eyes to be able to better see.

That’s when He touched my shoulder from behind. He said my name. How did He know my name? I turned and saw His face. I had seen it all night, bloody, beaten, and with those gory thorns. I could not see any evidence of torture now. He smiled at me. His eyes filled with a kindness I had never seen before. All I had done to Him flooded into my memory. I felt naked, exposed, and so ashamed.

Then He grabbed my aching hand with his, turned my palm up and laid His other hand over it. He said my name one more time while looking at me. In an instant, I felt the fever and pain leave. I looked down and the swelling and infection were gone. He was too.

I heard commotion and saw several women approach the tomb.

13 responses to “The Crown (Continued…)”

  1. Beautiful, Heidi. I felt like I was there.


    1. Sometimes I wonder which crowd I would have been part of had I lived then… Makes me think of the crowd I was part of before I knew Him several years ago. I am so grateful He was patient and loving toward people then as He is today.


  2. No matter what we’ve done ….He still loves, forgives and heals us! So thankful for that.
    Your story reminds me of the movie “Risen”. Bill and I watched it on Easter. It was thru the eyes of someone at the cross who help crucify Jesus. Hope your Easter was a special one.


    1. I have to watch that movie! Thinking about you guys and sending hugs your way.


  3. beautiful writing and should-be-framed photography, Heidi! 💜🌅👍


    1. Hope your Easter was a blessed one. The top picture was one of my first sun-rise pictures I have ever taken. It got me hooked 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What an inspired imagination you have, Heidi! Your “account” could very well have happened. Makes me wonder: what other stories of Jesus will we hear when we get to heaven, that were not recorded in the Bible? John did say “that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written” (21:25)!


    1. That verse was the inspiration behind it 🙂 Ha, you know what they say about great minds!
      Thank you, dear Nancy, for stopping in.

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  5. Mmm, so good Heidi. This is what happens when we let Jesus into our life. Alleluia!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read, my friend!


  6. Thank you for this great writing. He has risen!


    1. He has risen, indeed 🙂 Thank you, Stephen.


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