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We signed bazillion dotted lines On twenty pounds of paper We went to classes – stretched our minds Did court instead of labor Then welcomed three into our clan Their pain became soon ours We knew that family was God’s plan Here evil loses power God knits a family of love Of many different colorsForms bonds with cords designed above So hearts and lives grow fuller. Our Father wants us fig’ring out There’s no such thing as “others” That all His children walk about As sisters and as brothers. To… Read more Family

The Wellspring

When Love is abundant, store it awayFor a time of great hate will comeWhen it does and you stand in warring days You’ll have plenty to draw love from.  When it’s day and gorgeous Light fills your eyes,Keep the vision of Light in mind.For darkness will come and and evil will riseWhen for the blind your light must shine When Hope spills like water over your dayWhen within your soul all is wellPour this hope in a well – make it to stayThen dig deep, when fear wants to dwell When… Read more The Wellspring