The Games We Play

Recently, I told a friend that I felt like my faith and walk with God were more like a game of “Chutes and Ladders” than a steady climb up Mount Everest.

Since we have expanded our family from three to six kids a little over four years ago by adoption, we have experienced many ups and downs. Certain circumstances, past memories, new wounds, reckless words, or the lack of patience, have often catapulted us seemingly all the way to the bottom making us feel like we have to start all over.

When I am confronted with my own weaknesses (and sometimes even my lack of faith), I have to be so careful not to start on a downward road of condemnation.

“How stupid are you?”
“What are you thinking?” or
“You should know how to do this!”
are ammunition from the enemy. They come like arrows into my valley from the side of the mountain and make me weary, make me want to quit.

Galatians 6:9 says,
“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Discipline is staying in the game. Finishing well as Christians is only possible if we keep our eyes on Jesus despite the setbacks and challenges we face each day. Perseverance is coming to the Lord every morning (and throughout the weary day) and finding Him already waiting. His mercies are there, sufficient for our day.

“Lord, I want to be strong, but often find myself worn out from fighting. I know you are there, waiting for me with an everlasting kindness and compassion. Father, help me to do good and not give up!” 


  1. You and Scott are the best, Heidi!
    It’s funny that Mary and I zeroed in on the same line – we do have to start all over again every morning. Like manna in the wilderness, God’s grace is only good for today. His mercies are new every morning.


  2. “Perseverance is coming to the Lord every morning (and throughout the weary day) and finding Him already waiting. His mercies are there, sufficient for our day.”
    I love this! His mercies are there –ALWAYS.
    You are amazing –taking on three more children when your other three were leaving the nest. He will equip you for the task. Keep persevering!


    • Yes, His mercies are always there. I tend to find them when I am stretched and needy… not so much in the comfort and ease … I usually don’t go looking for them then 🙂
      Grateful for you and your witness to His mercies, dear Mary!!!!


  3. That challenge to persevere in faith will continue long after your youngest have flown the proverbial nest. The secret to limiting those attacks of the enemy, is in offering thanksgiving to God–in the midst of all the craziness–for His Presence in our lives. You’re an amazing mom, Heidi–He’s got you covered no matter what!❤️

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  4. Thank you so much , Heidi, for encouraging us to not grow weary even when we feel like we are failing. I have two friends who have adopted . . .and it has been very challenging for them, even though it was what God asked them to do. Love and hugs and prayers!

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    • Thank you for your constant encouragement of the body of Christ through your witness, Debbie! Through Jesus we are promised easy access to a faithful God … not so much an easy road 🙂 … much love from here, friend!


  5. This is so well said. I hear your frustration and cheer for your persistence.

    I hate our enemy – he’s so persistent, always ready to tell us we’re failures and worthless, and always when we are least ready to fight. That’s when we, your brothers and sisters need to stand beside you and hold your arms up.

    So here goes – I believe what the Word says about you, Heidi! Because you meditate on His precious Word, you have more insight than your teachers and more wisdom than the elders. You have within you the very creator of all things and He is well pleased with you. You are blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus and are seated with Him above every name that is named.

    Blessing sister,

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    • Thank you, Ben, from the bottom of my heart! I just sat down in my “pop-up office” when I saw your comment (I set up a card table in my bedroom by a large window … my favorite quiet place). My Bible sits next to me. Your Words of exhortation and kindness are a balm to my soul. Thank you for helping me lift my hands to praise the Lord, who is the One who always fights for us! Blessings, dear Brother … you have been a huge blessing to me this morning!

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  6. Oh, yes–Chutes and Ladders indeed! Praise God he is a patient, compassionate, and forgiving Father who takes pleasure in our progress. God bless you, Heidi, for your honesty and humility. You are ALWAYS a blessing and encouragement to me through everything you write!!

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