The Song

Let’s take a walk into the night,
Come to the fields with me.
No man-made glitz, no city lights
Here blind your eyes to see.

They say this universe so vast
Began by chance and time.
But look real close – there see the past –
Behold! God’s forged design.

So many stare and think they’re wise,
Search hard for life in stones.
But you must listen to your eyes –
Find purpose in those tones.

Come hear what roaring vastness plays!
Of wisdom these notes sing.
Watch theme and tune in stars arrayed.
They’re shouting God a hymn.

A symphony of God’s own Heart –
Jesus, Emmanuel –
He planned to tear the skies apart,
That Light in you might dwell.

(Poem and picture below, Heidi Viars, 2021)


  1. Love that line, “Listen to your eyes,” Heidi. Seems like there’s a scripture verse which says the same or something similar, but I can’t remember where it is–couldn’t find it just now when I did a mini-search. (Perhaps you remember?!) Meanwhile, your poetic artistry causes wonder and praise to well up in my spirit–again! Such a glorious reality that God did tear the sky apart, sent His only Son into our world, and made possible an indwelling relationship with our Divine Father, Savior, and Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!

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  2. I love this, Heidi!! Couldn’t agree more!!
    One day soon, yes, He’s going to tear those skies apart and return to us, the King of kings!! Let us never forget that He is the Almighty, powerful God, who, in His amazing tenderness watches over His own! Prayers that in these times, many blind souls will have their eyes opened by Him to see all Truth that’s been there all along! Thank you Heidi!

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  3. I am sitting here in the brilliance of the early morning sun, it is rising and shinning so brightly i cannot even see! I can only close my eyes and listen to the birds sing Praise to our God, and while I have my eyes closed I am thinking of the majestic way God created all of the universe… tgen a the sun moves on higher in the sky and I am able to open my eyes again…. and then read your post.. so lovely… so perfect. God is so amazing! Love you my Friend.

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