Of Remarkable Hope and Beacons of Fire

I met Shauna on the radio a few years ago. Well, I never met her in person, but when I heard her speak about her desire to “help worn out Christians find permanent rest and relief in Jesus by retelling gospel stories”, I wanted to know more about her and her work.

Since then, her blog and books been a great encouragement to me. When her book Remarkable Hope was recently translated into German, I was beyond happy. I realized how deeply my heart-language was still a part of me. I began to understand (maybe for the first time in thirty years) how God was still using all of me, even my German upbringing. I had tried to hide my accent, never really letting on to my roots.

When Shauna emailed me about the German publishing date, she also wondered why a campfire appeared on the translated version. I immediately knew and explained it with a story.

Feel free to pop over to Shauna’s place and find my explanation there. Maybe it will encourage you today to let God use all of your story, even the parts which you have been trying to ignore.

5 responses to “Of Remarkable Hope and Beacons of Fire”

  1. Thanks for sharing her with us, Heidi. God’s grip – Alan


  2. A great story, but a pop up ad, on your friend’s site, kept interrupting my reading.


  3. “…let God use all of your story, even the parts which you have been trying to ignore.” — wow. Thank you for this! I am now going over to Shauna’s website to read your explanation about the campfire.

    By the way, I have a lot of German in my ancestry, too. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Isenhour, and they were originally from Germany.


  4. Thanks for sharing, Heidi:) So encouraging and inspiring to watch for those moments that unfold in our God-story.


  5. Fantastic, love this! 😀


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