Of Raising Kids and Writing

While at my sink doing the dishes today (that’s where I do my best thinking) something occurred to me. My thoughts were prompted by a blog-conversation with Phillip Mullins

Writing is a lot like raising kids.

My husband and I  have six kids. Their ages range from the oldest being old enough to get married this year and the youngest in middle school. When we adopted three of our kids about five years ago, we realized that having raised teenagers once was coming in handy. We are not as easily hoodwinked the second time around.

It has also been helpful that we don’t compare ourselves to other parents and their children as we did many years ago. We have realized that success in our children (and in parenting) is not what the world says it is and know that each child, adopted and biological, was given to us by God. Each person is an individual with unique gifts and tough challenges. Each person has been set in our family on purpose.

It has never occurred to me to question the place of my kids in our family. When looking at other parents who have been “more successful”, it has never crossed my mind to send my kids to live with them in hopes that they would be better off there (ok, maybe once or twice).

As writers we have been given unique creative power and individual stories, which are not better off with someone else. They are ours to “raise” and to bring to light, make known to a world that needs them. When God called the writer to write the story that He put there, He made provisions for that story to reach whomever He needed to reach.

Maybe our kids won’t become celebrities who are known by millions. Maybe they won’t be the next president of a huge company. But maybe they will change lives and be an encouragement to someone who has lost hope. Maybe they will be in the right place at the right time to bring a smile and hope to a hurting heart. Maybe they introduce others to Jesus.

So, don’t get rid of your stories because others are better at telling theirs. Tell them the way you know how  … and please … try not to get rid of your kids either.

For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.
Romans 12:3


  1. I am in awe of anyone who can write with kids in the house! I am an “empty-nester” (except for grandchildren who arrive expectedly and unexpectedly) and I struggle to make the time I need. God bless you, and all your not-so-little-anymore ones.


  2. I experience slumps of doubt now and then, but God reminds me, someone led Charles Spurgeon to Jesus, and D. L. Moody, and Billy Graham. Those “someones” may not be well-known, but God used them as part of a magnificent master plan that impacted thousands–perhaps millions as we consider the ripple effect. My responsibility is to plant the seeds; God is in charge of the harvest. (Lord, help me not miss an opportunity!)


  3. Thank you for your words of wisdom! I litteraly just said to my husband..im shipping our kids to someone else. Im sure they would be better parents. I know God gave me the kids I have and I love them so much! Sometimes its hard to not compair woth other parents. I just have to focus on the job God gave me to do and do it to the best of my Godly abilities! Thank you for posting this story!


    • I was just going to tell you that you are amazing parents, but then I remembered the Scriptures in Matthew 7:11 and Luke 11:13 🤣… I guess all we can do is follow the One who IS amazing! ❤️Thanks for being you and loving on so many kids 🤗


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