Sunday Quote

„Eine Religion, in der Erfolg und Segen deckungsgleiche Größen sind, hat der Welt nichts zu sagen, denn was solch eine Religion sagen könnte, sagt die Welt sich bereits selbst.“
Martin Schleske (Der Klang, S 59)

“A religion, in which success and blessing cover the same space, has nothing to say to the world, because what such a religion could say, the world is telling itself already.”

Martin Schleske is a German violin maker. His book “The Sound of Life’s Unspeakable Beauty” (Der Klang) will be released in English in April 2020  

8 responses to “Sunday Quote”

    1. Thanks, friend, for stopping by … God is so good … isn’t He! So grateful for you and the message you proclaim!!!!

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  1. I love quotes and this is such a good one and makes me want to read his book . . .in English! :). Love and prayers! Thank you, Heidi!


    1. Ha … English is good 🙂 sending love your way, friend!


  2. I wonder if butterflies inspired the first stained glass window? Your photo captures the translucent quality of their wings. Stunning, Heidi! Martin Schleske has pinpointed a holy phenomenon of Christianity that the world cannot counterfeit: Our God-given peace and joy glow more brilliantly in the shadows of trouble than from the mountaintops of euphoria. (Seems like there’s an author of old who penned words to that effect, but can’t remember who right now!)


    1. This year was a great year for butterflies in my yard. The painted lady in the forefront of the picture was one of many (there is sliver spotted skipper in the background). I also found a HUGE swallowtail one day on the same flowers. You could be right about the inspiration for the first stained glass window 🙂 Sending much love your way!


  3. I love the way your picture underscores Schleske’s thought–a musical pairing that carries forward deeper thinking. Thank you, Heidi!


    1. Sweet Kathie … Friend … Thanks for reading. Martin Schleske touched me deeply. I had my mother order a copy in Germany for me today and can’t wait to read his work in April in English as well.
      You are a blessing to me … I love you!
      p.s. Funny you’d say it’s a “musical pairing” … I scored a fat zero on my spiritual gifts test in the area of music 😂


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