Some time ago, I posted this. Today, I feel the same way as I did when I first posted it.

Heidi Viars

 I pushed against the heavy, ice-covered, glass front door
To take a peek into a frozen world.
I was reminded of the many
Who don’t look from a warm inside out,
But have to look from a cold outside in.


looking from the inside out 002

Here are some practical things you can do …

  • keep a gift card for a fast food restaurant in your wallet –
    it provides a warm place to get out of the cold
    (Five-dollar gift cards for McDonald’s are great!!!)
  • keep a public transportation ticket in your wallet –
    many homeless ride the trains in this cold weather
  • support the homeless shelters in your city.
    Donations of baked goods, long underwear, warm coats, sleeping bags, and blankets are very much appreciated.

“God, open the door of our cold hearts.
Show us how to provide warmth
For those who are freezing.”

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  1. Yesterday, I encountered a young homeless couple with 3 young children. I know the Lord had me see them at that moment in my life. I praise God I was able to help them in some way, which I was surprised at their response to my help. Not the same with the homeless in big cities, where cash is all they want to buy more booze, cigarettes, and drugs. a meaningful post, Heidi.

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    • Thank you for sharing from your experience, friend! Yes, praise God you were able to help and show the love of God in a practical way.
      I am reminded of Isaiah 58:7-9
      Blessings to you as you bless those around you 🙂


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