There are books that draw you in and change you.
This is one of those books.

Inexpressible Hesed, The Mystery of God’s Lovingkindness by Michael Card

The following poem/prayer made its way from my heart after I read the chapter on God’s lovingkindness shown to us in the book of Hosea.

What kind of Love is this, my God
That loves despite my wayward heart?
This love made of thousand loves,
It deeply knows, and seeks, and draws.

Don’t let me turn to my own ways,
But draw me in throughout my days.
Let not my stubborn, selfish pride
Attempt to run – from hesed hide.

But turn me with your gentle gaze,
Upon the path that blood has paved.
Let now Christ’s hesed be my guide,
That in your hesed I might die.

Maintain hesed and justice, 
and always put your hope in God. 
Hosea 12:6


14 responses to “Hesed”

  1. Dear Heidi . . .thank you so much for the book recommendation AND for the poem! Wow and blessings, love and truth!


    1. Thank you, dear Debbie, for your encouragement to me and the Body of Christ. Blessings to you, sister 🙂


  2. That second line of the last verse: Wow. SO well said! How dare I seek my own way when God has paved the best way with the blood of his own Son? Thank you again, Heidi, for sharing your spiritual gift of exhortation–through poetry!


    1. Thank you, dear Nancy. I tremble before I hit the “publish” button, always doubting and most of the time giving in to familiar voices of condemnation. Thank you for being there with your encouragement. … I think I am not the only one who struggles with this 🙂
      Sending much love and prayers your way!!! (and a hug)


      1. I can’t believe YOU struggle! Everything you write speaks to my heart, Heidi. (Whereas, my struggles are well-founded–HA!) Thank you for your love and prayers, dear blogger-friend, and so appreciate that virtual hug, too!


  3. Beautiful, Heidi. in the new year I asked God to help me remember to thank to Him when I open my eyes for His gift of a new day. I would love to say that is my usual practice, but all too often I wake up thinking about tasks that need doing, people I need to call, or I find myself trying to figure out what the crazy dream I just had meant!. To be honest, I’ve been pretty bummed by my multiple failures! But as I read your poem this morning, I am comforted by the mystery of God’s hesed that welcomes me to Himself with such lovingkindness despite my failures. Thank you!


    1. The beautiful thing about God’s hesed is that it encourages us to reciprocate that kind of love but doesn’t demand it. Only our loving and kind Father would have thought to put it in our hearts in that way. Yes, lovingkindness despite our failures … I think that comes close to the center mark of the description of hesed! Thank you for loving those around you, for loving your Father and for being who He made you to be! Love you, dear friend!

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  4. If hesed means love then I understand your poem and really like it! But I have to admit that the word hesed really confused me. Could you explain?


    1. I am reading an entire book on this one word. Explaining it might be a little difficult 🙂 Lovingkindness is probably the most common and the easiest to understand. Michael Card puts it this way, “Hesed: When the person from whom I have a right to expect nothing gives me everything.”
      Throughout the Scriptures this is one of the main themes. God’s kindness toward us, expressed often with the word “grace”, is undeserved. The book of Hosea is probably a very good example. It always has touched my heart deeply. How can our God be so forgiving, kind, gracious, loving, good to us?


      1. Thank you for answering me Heidi because now it makes perfect sense! Yes, it’s so hard to understand God’s immense grace toward us, but brings us such joy! Your poem is lovely and so encouraging. May God bless you with many more………


        1. Thank you, dear sister, for being such an encouragement to me. May you sense His hesed as He is pouring it over your life!


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