A Part of the Whole

As I was walking through the woods a few days ago, I came across a single blossom, suspended by an almost invisible thread of spider web.

It took some time to catch this delicate flower with my phone camera. An ever so slight breeze kept moving it out of view of my small lens. During my efforts, I noticed the branch from which the lonely blossom had made its descent, an elderberry treen in bloom.

My heart was captured by the thought of our loving Father holding us individually in His capable hand. I reflected on His delight in the Church when individuals display His heart of love and care to one another. I wondered if we always comprehend our individual importance and moreover the great power the Holy Spirit displays in the community of believers.

A single blossom, on the way
The Father’s mindful piece of art.
Alone not able to display
The fullness of His loving Heart.

A lonely, quiet-sounding note,
Precisely placed, composed with skill.
Her tune reflecting God who wrote
The symphony of His sound will.

One snowflake dropping to the ground,
In weakness melts; its beauty goes.
But sticking to the snow around,
As avalanche brings mountains low.

So it’s with you, beloved friend.
Made unique – part of the whole.
The Gospel is our means and end
And “Glory to God” the highest goal.

“Father, Your loving-kindness surpasses our understanding.
Make us effective in Your Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit as we serve one another in the community of believers, Your Church.
Help us repent of our pride.
Draw us to Your Word of Truth and make us bold as we
proclaim Jesus.” 

So we, though many, are one body in Christ,
and individually members one of another.
Romans 12:5
(Pictures, Word and Poetry by Heidi Viars, 2018) 



  1. OH Heidi . . .thank you for seeing God all around you and sharing His messages through your photos and poems. So thankful for YOU, one of His unique parts of the whole! You have a special ministry and heart for His church. Love and blessings!


    • Thank you, Debbie, for doing your part where you are … encouraging the believers, seeing God in your day-to-day and sharing that, and always pointing to the Word of God and Jesus. Love to you, dear sister


  2. Thank you, Heidi, for encouraging us to go ever deeper in our walk with our wondrous God:
    “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom andi knowledge of God!
    How unsearchable His judgments,
    and His paths beyond tracing out!”
    Romans 11:33


    • Thank you, Kathie, for always pointing me to the Word. Yes, we cannot comprehend the incomprehensible … but in our trying we are blessed! I am praying He will continue to stir your heart up for Him!!! Much love to you, sweet friend!


  3. That single blossom hanging by a thread IS a thing of graceful beauty. How wonderful that God sees us the same way–a masterpiece of his workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). And when we’re en masse, the effect is glorious–just like that elderberry branch. Thank you, Heidi, for once again sharing your insightful discoveries–with a beautiful gift of poetry all your own!


  4. Love this Heidi! God truly spoke through you with what you said here about the body of Christ. Indeed, each one of us Christians is as unique as a snowflake that He created, but our power in togetherness in the body of Christ is epic! I love the gift God has given you for you are truly inspirational. You obviously have an eye for details, especially in this blog! I pray that you would remain ever-filled with the Holy Spirit in order to continually see things from God’s perspective. It is such a blessing that edifies the body of Christ………


    • Thank you so much for leaving me with your encouragement, dear friend! Thank you for your prayer. That has been my heart’s cry, namely that God would continue to give me His Spirit. Without Him, we are not able to do anything. Blessings to you, as He fills you and draws you into His beautiful presence 🙂


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