God is Able

amos5-8If today you wonder why,
If darkness overcame your sky,
If you wonder if He’s there …
He is able and He cares.

If today you cannot hear,
If your vision’s blurred by tears,
If hope left and fear moved in …
Christ has paid for death and sin.

If today your faith seems small,
If trusting makes no sense at all,
If this world has let you down …
Look to Christ! He wears the crown.
“Lord, You always were in charge.

Today, you sit on Your throne
and You will rule securely over our future.”
(Picture and Poetry, Heidi Viars, 2016)

11 responses to “God is Able”

  1. What a blessing, Heidi!


  2. Heidi , I loved this. So much. It just spoke to every situation and doubt with the truth that God is in charge, hears us, loves us and is able to always take care of us. God bless!


    1. Debbie, thanks for your visit and comment. I am so grateful that His goodness does not depend on our feeble efforts and sometimes small faith. His throne is immovable, for eternity. God bless you.


  3. “If trusting makes no sense at all”. One of my favorite descriptions of faith is “faith trusts God when everything around us says, ‘Why?’” I love Ephesians – that great scope of God’s purpose spanning eternity. What we see are just a few brush strokes of the great panorama He’s painting for His glory and our good. God bless you, Heidi.


    1. I like your description of faith! That really makes good sense. Thank you also for continually pointing your readers to Jesus and the Word of God. Thanks for reading and leaving your kind comment. God bless you, dear blogging friend.

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  4. Beautiful picture and thoughts, dear Heidi.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


    1. We serve a beautiful God, don’t we 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement, Wendy

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      1. We sure do. And you capture and share His beauty well. 🙂


  5. Oh, yes–Jesus wears the crown of all authority and power! Sometimes my faith does seem small, compared to the needs of family, friends, our nation, our world. Sometimes trusting doesn’t make sense; I may even be trusting/praying for the wrong thing. Then I have to remember: With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26), He has everything under control (Psalm 103:19), and the Spirit will intercede for me perfectly, even if I’m trusting incorrectly (Romans 8:26). Such grace and benevolence! Thank you for these beautiful words of uplift, Heidi.


    1. As I am working my way through the book of Ephesians, I am so keenly aware of His love for us, but even more so of His Authority and Rule. What great news: A loving Father who is the King of the Universe, who gave us His Son in exchange for our wrongdoings … those news are too good not to share! Thanks for your part in letting the World know 🙂


      1. Great news, indeed! 🙂


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