To My Praying Friends

I want to say, “THANK YOU!” to all of you who prayed for our son Corey this summer. You prayed us through the hardest time of our life.

You showed us Who was our Hope and pointed us to the Lord, continually!

Here is a 8 minute video taken of Corey last week. He was able to speak to over 3,500 youths in Green Bay.

To God be the glory and to you all our heartfelt thanks.


    • It amazes me that God would allow us to become part of His marvelous plan. How does He do that … recycle all the mess we make of things into something beautiful. Oh, the day we get to see it all come together. Sending much love your way, sweet Sue!

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  1. Heidi, this video was such a blessing!
    Corey is so sincere and a great/natural speaker. I don’t know what God has planned for him, but I’m pretty sure it involves public speaking.
    Thank you for sharing this.


    • Thank you for watching, Bill. He wants to make inspirational films. We will see what will come of it. During his accident he actually had camera mounted to the handle bar of his bike. I pray God will use him in the lives of people to help them see Jesus. He knows. Blessings to you, Bill… praying for you!


    • Thank you, dearest Nancy, for rejoicing with us over Corey’s healing and that God is using the darkest times in life to speak life and light! God is good, not because He gives us what we desire, but because He can’t be anything else. He is going into film-making and wants to make inspirational movies. Maybe part of God’s plans 🙂


    • In my years of raising kids (6 now), I have found that God purposed each life for Him. We are only stewards … and I am as messed up as the next person … (just ask those kids … and oh, ask my husband first … they all will attest to that) …. Thanks for your kind words.


    • To God be the glory, because I am a wretched mess, Liana! I am grateful God is using this accident for His glory. Like Corey said, our story is really His story. Our lives belong to Him, not ourselves. He is in charge. No matter what comes, God is still good … not because He gives us what we desire most (in our case that our son would live), but because He can’t be anything else but good. Sending you much love, dear blogging friend!


  2. Oh Heidi that was soooo cool. Loved watching Cory and thanking God over and over for healing him and using him this way. You and Scott and God have done an amazing job!

    Hi to you and the rest of the Bible Study ladies. Miss you all (but not the weather).

    XO Vicki


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