The Worth of You

beautiful sunrise, fox, deer, March 2014 030

“My Dearest Jewel,
Some considerable time ago, a beautiful thought entered my mind, a thought of creating you, a precious jewel. My deepest affections and love, my heart of goodness and kindness went into this thought. After carefully considering a place where I could fashion you, I chose a dark and hidden place where I formed you and watched over you. In my love and wisdom and with my skills as a Creator, there, hidden from any eye, I created you. My powerful hand was on you, knowing in my mind exactly what you should look like. I gave you unique characteristics that would make you special and point those who would later see you to me.
My priceless treasure, please keep your eyes on me and my plan for you. I will show you how you can shine. I will set you in my Light that you might reflect my love to this dark world. Don’t stay in the darkness of this world, which has no light for you. Don’t look to the darkness to give you your worth. Stay close to me, the One who has formed you. I know how to make you shine.
My Light is nothing like the dim light the world tries to possess. In my Light, your imperfections will not show. My Light will do so much more than the world’s light, it will penetrate to your core and make you shine from deep within. In my Light, you will become that for which I have created you, a precious reflection of me. My Light will illuminate you. My Light has overcome the darkness. Nothing can withstand its illumination brightness. Come now, out of the shadows of this fading world, into my Light.
You are my priced possession and precious jewel.”

hold on my soul 022Psalm 139
Pictures and Words by Heidi Viars, 2014


  1. Incredibly heart-touching, Heidi. God’s love for each of us glistens on every word of this post! The same thought that struck Rene (above) struck me also: that God’s Light does not harshly illuminate our faults. He covers them, because “Love covers over all wrongs” (Proverbs 10:12). How? With Jesus’ blood.

    Praise You, Heavenly Father, for your lovingkindness, and for gifting Heidi to inspire us so eloquently!


    • I am so grateful for my beautiful sister in Christ, like yourself. I so appreciate these precious comments, who stir me on to continue … Yes, in Christ, and Christ alone, we can shine. Yes, Jesus’ blood covers us. Nothing else proves acceptable to God.
      Thank you, dearest Nancy, for blessing me with your presence here!


  2. Beautiful! The part about His light not showing our imperfections struck me. One of the things I have learned through photography is how different lighting can either reveal or even hide imperfections. So often we hear in sermons and teachings that God’s light reveals, and while that is true, I so appreciate your message that His light also does not show our imperfections. Thank you!


    • Thanks so much for reading and blessing me with your thoughts, Rene. In Christ our imperfections are hidden. We are clothed in His righteousness, and get to shine like stars in the universe … The more I ponder on this, the more I cherish the cross and the grace it took to cover my sins. Christ in me, through me, with me, for me, and despite of me 🙂 … sending you much love, friend~


  3. Heidi you are indeed one of God’s jewels, a priceless treasure of His, whose words glimmer with His love, grace and mercy for all of use to gleam from. ~ God bless you always ~


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