Rewards of Discipline

sunrise april 008Each morning, before heading out for a walk, I battle my unwilling flesh. My heart wants to seek God in His creation, yet I fight to stay comfortable in my own creations. I desire to be close to God, yet my Bible lays unopened on my coffee table. I long to meet God in prayer, yet I so often give into my wandering thoughts.

There are great rewards in discipline. This morning the blessing of the early morning overwhelmed me. Young eagles soared above my head, reminding me to surrender my desires to a great God, whose ways and thoughts are far beyond my own.

sunrise april 015“Lord, draw my heart.
Break my prideful will and turn me into an obedient vessel,
surrendered to your ways,
which are higher than my own.”
“My heart and ways are earthly bound.
My mind and eyes draw from this ground.

God, draw my will to ways above.
Move me to see Your ways of love.

For all Your ways are good for me.
They’re higher than I dare to see.

Your thoughts are not like mine at all.
May Your ways be my will and call.

sunrise april 013“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9
(Pictures and words, Heidi Viars, 2014)


    • Dearest Bill, you have been on my mind much these days. As we embark some difficult challenges for our family, God has used you more times than you can imagine, to bring the Unshakeable Hope to my mind. Eternity will bring an opportunity to tell you how much your blog and words mean to me! Many unshakable blessings your way, dearest brother!


  1. It’s encouraging to know that I’m not alone in my distaste of discipline! I hate exercising, but I do it because I like the results. The same principle of focusing on the rewards can help motivate the spiritual disciplines of Bible study and prayer, scripture memorization and worship. Great blessings await! Thank you, Heidi, for the inspiration!


    • Thank you for your words of encouragement, Nancy. I also struggle with memorizing the Word … I am grateful for God’s unfailing love and His patience with us 🙂 Have a wonderfully blessed Easter, dear blogging friend!


    • I do feel so incredibly blessed, Cynthia … I grew up with lots of woods and water and for the longest time “wandered in desserts” … God has given me this undeserved gift of living in this wonderful area. Thanks for letting me share. Happy Easter to you!


    • Thank you for your always encouraging comments. We do serve a wonderful God who longs for us to know His abiding presence. What a blessing it is to share with like-minded brothers and sisters, like you, what He is teaching this stubborn heart. Thanks also for blogging again!!!!! YOU ARE A BLESSING!


  2. Beautiful truths, Heidi! Okay, I can’t resist this: I leave my Bible open all the time, so just in case I don’t get to today’s reading–maybe, maybe the Word will mingle with the dust motes in the air and land on my head and heart. (but most days I’m disciplined)


    • I love the thought of leaving the Bible open during the day … (and I could really benefit from some dust-osmosis 🙂 ) … Thanks for being such an encouragement and bringing smiles to my day!!! Blessings to you this Easter, dear friend!


      • Easter Week is like pre-Christmas, but not. There’s a lot of heavy-duty reflection about the cross–which I used to dwell on way too much and get so depressed that I couldn’t enjoy Easter Sunday at all. But HE’s brought me through all that, so I can be mindful, reflective and pensive, and appreciative–and then truly Celebrate “He Lives!” Have a super Easter–set a place at the table for me, and I’ll put out a plate for you here!


        • I will be setting a place for you, dear friend … I think while it might be tad crazy at our place, there is always enough room for one more … after all it’s not really about the room one has in a house, but more about the room one has in the head 🙂 Blessings to you, dear friend!!!


  3. Heidi, your thoughts bring to mind my own wandering ones. May the Lord give us all minds that stay focused on Him in everything, for everything . . . always! ~ Blessings to you my poet friend ~


  4. Oh, I know the feeling. And when I set my mind on Him instead of me, the beauty, wisdom and peace greet me in such amazing ways. I treasure how you capture the beauty that He sets before you. Thank you!


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