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I paid close attention to my answers as I worked through the work book this week. I did not want to miss a single thing, knowing I had to lead the discussion this Sunday in the Women’s Sunday School Class. The topic was Godly wisdom. I was grateful for the study guide and all the work the author (Vicki Courtney) had already poured into the material (The Virtuous Woman). She expounded on Scriptures and how valuable Godly wisdom was.

Job 28:15-19 says
It cannot be bought for gold,
    and silver cannot be weighed as its price.
 It cannot be valued in the gold of Ophir,
    in precious onyx or sapphire.
Gold and glass cannot equal it,
    nor can it be exchanged for jewels of fine gold.
No mention shall be made of coral or of crystal;
    the price of wisdom is above pearls.
The topaz of Ethiopia cannot equal it,
    nor can it be valued in pure gold.

After reading the Scriptures, we were to survey our jewelry box, look at our most prized possessions, and think carefully about to whom we would leave them. I had no problem with the question and actually prided myself in the fact that I only had my wedding band and engagement ring valuable enough to pass on. The more I thought about it, the more I felt convinced that I would not want to pass them on anyway. I’d just take them with me to the grave. That was several days ago.

Yesterday, I worked in my house and garden all afternoon, planted, dug, weeded, and raked. At the end of the day, I sat down and surveyed my accomplishment. As I looked down on my dirty hands, a sick feeling shot through my entire body. I noticed that my diamond was missing from my engagement ring. Tears welled up immediately. How could this be? Twenty-seven years ago, my best friend and husband gave it to me. The small diamond was special to me, to say the least.

I stared at the yard, thought of the many times I did the dishes, and all the places I had been all day. No way, I would never find this tiny treasure again. I remembered the verse (above). My missing diamond reminded me of my lacking wisdom.

If wisdom is more valuable than diamonds,
why am I not pursuing it with vigor?
If God knows and see all,
why am I so easily satisfied with the world’s answers?

“God, my All-knowing Father,
remind me to chase Your wisdom!
You give so freely to the seeking heart.
You bless me richly and abundantly with Your gift of wisdom.
Give me today what we lack,
namely wisdom.”

sunrise april 12th,2014 003(Pictures and Words by Heidi Viars, 2014)



  1. It’s the memories and sentiments that give such great meaning to some of our possessions. It’s of value to our hearts more than to our estate. Surely that is true of your diamond. I’m praying that one day soon your attention will be drawn to a sparkle in your house or garden, and there the precious stone will be!


  2. Sorry for the loss of your diamond. I can imagine how heartbroken you must be. I love the fact that the Lord took something like that to remind you of His wisdom. What an amazing God we serve. Blessings!


  3. I’m so sorry you lost your diamond Heidi. I too recently lost my engagement ring and was absolutely crushed. I still glance down at my finger just about everyday and feel as if something is missing. And I’ve kept telling myself it’s just a “thing” yet still hard to loose because it’s a symbolic piece of jewelry. But your words are really an encouragement to me and so true. God’s wisdom is of so much greater value than anything we can grasp with our hands. Thank you Heidi for sharing this!


    • Thank you so much for those words. I so am with you. I am reminded that I should cry over my lack of wisdom as much as I cry over the loss of the stone (which is most likely at the bottom of my septic tank …. argh) … I am grateful to my patient Father, who keeps teaching this stubborn heart 🙂 Sending you much love, dear Hannah 🙂


  4. Thank you for helping us seek His wisdom MORE. I know I need it . . .I just forget to ask! And this is so odd, but just recently I got done cleaning someone’s house and afterward noticed that the little diamond in my 35 year old wedding ring had come out! I probably sucked it up with the vacuum or sent it down the drain! God bless you, dear Heidi, as He gives you the desire of your heart!


    • You are so right, Debbie… we do forget to ask! Out of His abundant riches and wisdom He will pour forth what we need…. let’s continue to ask Him in faith and in Christ!!!! Much love to you!


  5. I’m so sorry that you had lost your ring. May those verses strengthen you to not fret over it and may God bless you (or someone else) to find it for you one day. This is a wonderful post for those who’ve lost treasured and beloved things in their lives. Whenever I think of the stuff that I think I can’t ever live without, I always make myself think of folks who’ve lost their entire belongings and home by a tornado, flood, or fire. Then I feel immediately better and incredibly blessed. Hope that helps a teeny bit. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  6. Wisdom you take with you when you leave this earth, material things you can’t and are not so important in the end. I know because I lost my engagement ring, my wedding ring, my grandmother’s ring and an anniversary 1 carat ring. All gone in a dump somewhere. I think of them often, but I seek after His wisdom more. Thank you for reminding me to continually seek after His Wisdom.


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