Little Hands

(Recently a wonderful young woman shared this poem with me. Her drawing touched my heart. I would like to share her words and art with you today.)

mirandas pic

Little hands and little feet
God’s creation simple ‘n sweet.

Beautiful children under His care
Specifically created – every last hair

Harm should never come to one so small
But who would have guessed, he’d never grow tall.

He was an inconvenience.
He was an embarrassment.

He was a hindrance.
They disregarded his brilliance.

He was torn from the womb.
Without a second glance.

He had no choice.
He gets no second chance.
(drawing and words by Miranda L., 2014)

12 responses to “Little Hands”

  1. This connects with me deeply. Precious, precious little ones. Precious, precious moms trying to escape. And a good deal of lies and misinformation surrounds it all. Heartbreaking. Redeemable, still. ❤


    1. My son’s girlfriend wrote it. I will pass your comment on to her. It will thrill her to know, God used it! Thank you!


  2. Thank you for sharing this with us Heidi. God bless you and yours today.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I will pass it on 🙂 Blessing to you, dearest Debbie!


  3. Thanks for sharing this Heidi. Every life matters to God, no matter how young.


    1. Thanks so much, Hannah. I will pass your words of encouragement on!


  4. Heartbreaking…thank you for Truth today. And the sacredness of life.


    1. Thank you, Diana!!! I will make sure Miranda knows her words were an encouragement.


  5. Such a horrible evil is abortion. One God cannot dismiss. I love the perspective of the poem, from that of the infant. Yes – it is a baby! Thanks Heidi


    1. Thank you, Sue! I will pass your comment on to Miranda!


  6. Beautiful drawing and heartbreaking poem.


    1. Thank you, Rene. I will let Miranda know.


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