The List – Turned Around

sunrise, fog, June 27th, 2013 024

The list I held in my hand grew longer with each moment I sat in the car.

I was about to walk into the store and tried to think of anything that did not make it on the list.

I sensed anxiety trying to make its way up from my stomach into my heart as I sat and compared the list with the money in my wallet.

Then, I remembered to pray.

I turned the list around.

A prayer made its way from my pen

onto the blank space on the back of the list.

Another list grew

-A list of loved people in my life whom I hadn’t prayed for as I should have

-A list of hurts and pains

-A list of compassion and love

-A list of things that mattered

The back of the list became suddenly the front of the list.

A deep awareness of God’s presence moved in.

Tears blurred my vision to the stuff that did not matter.



forgive me for running after the things I can’t take with me.

Forgive me for putting things in the front and people in the back.

Help me to turn it around. You ask me to care as Jesus did.

Help me to see people today, not the things I think I need.

Continue to blur my vision to things with tears of compassion for people.”


  1. thanks, Marty, for your visit! What a blessing to be reading at your blog! Isn’t amazing how He makes Himself known when we seek Him? Let’s pray He will help us to keep our eyes and hearts open to people rather than things …. Blessings to you on your journey with Him πŸ™‚


  2. This is wonderful and thought provoking; a moment of sadness turned around only by God’s grace and turned into a moment of gratitude and reflection. Thank you for sharing, I shared on my Facebook page where I hope it touches many, and leads them to gratitude and reflection as well!! Peace & Blessings Marty (


  3. Wow I am speechless what a wonderful blog and a great message all to often we get it backwards don’t we- May the Lord bless you for all the support you give to me and others I am so blessed that you do reach out to me from blog land.


    • Dearest Jennifer, I think while we share often only little slices of our lives, we can still pray and encourage one another to keep our eyes on Jesus πŸ™‚ you do that so wonderfully intentionally at your blog …. and I really appreciate that! Be blessed… I pray you get better very soon!


  4. I love this “Forgive me for putting things in the front and people in the back.” Me too Lord, me too. What a Holy Spirit moment, thank you for sharing it with us. You are such a blessing Heidi!


    • Thanks, Patty, I forget to ask God to help me to see people the way He sees them… but when I ask Him, He always answers… and I find myself blessed πŸ™‚ Yes, keeping it in perspective is a good idea!


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