Words of Encouragement

In Him Colossians 1;17
Speak of Him who knows their hearts.

Talk to them and show His Hope.

Tell those who are torn apart.

Seek those out who cannot cope …

… Words of Encouragement


Plant a seed into the soil.

Bring His Word into a life.

Pour His grace into the void.

Speak His peace into a strife …

 … Word of Encouragement

Seek to smile at those who’re sad.

See how words of kindness grow

In the depth and there make glad,

When in Christ you speak and sow  …

… Words of Encouragement


“Father, lead me today to one hurting heart.
Give me Your words of encouragement.
Teach me how to speak Your Life and Your Truth.
Teach me to love the way You love, unconditional and with all Your heart.”

Robin on wall, proverbs 3;5 (I have been working on making greeting cards. You are welcome to contact me. I am working on putting them online. The proceeds go to encourage those who have been affected by disasters – 20 cards for 20 Dollars -free shipping)


    • Thanks Debbie, lets pray we will see who needs our encouragement today …even if it is just a smile at the grocery store to a hurting soul… thanks for always smiling across the internet … you are truly an encourager 🙂


  1. Hi Heidi, Love your encouraging , creative words and beautiful photos. They bless me with hope. I would like to sign up for the cards.


  2. Wow, this is beautiful–from the Col verse, to the very last word. Encouragement is so important, my calling too. I wish you all the best with your greeting cards–what a lovely idea. God bless you bunches–love, sis Caddo


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