The Greatest Act in History

cropped-sunrise-november-21st-2012-0052-e1354135206621.jpgThe greatest act in history –

The greatest sacrifice –

As Christ endured the greatest pain,

He paid the greatest price.


He gave for our greatest sins

His life, His greatest gift.

He paid at Calvary’s greatest cross.

He closed the greatest rift.


This greatest act of love displayed

God’s greatest love – mankind.

Our greatest sins God heaped on Him,

So Him our hearts could find.

sunrise March 23rd, 2013 014


  1. Amen! For All time, for all people and especially the grace He has shown to me. May others say the same as you do Heidi. Love, Rosemary


  2. Beautiful piece, Heidi! “He closed the greatest rift.” I don’t think we can realize just how great the rift was until we meet him face to face… after we have bowed down to worship him.

    Easter Blessings ~ Wendy


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