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Category: Sunrises – Pictures

Up to my Ears

I awaken with shoulders pulled up to my ears, Greet the morning with worries, with plans and fears. I walk with my back in a terrible mess – “Please hurry! I’m busy! Don’t add to my stress!” I better get on it, spend time in the Word Plug in to the sermons that everyone’s heard. Must listen to views on You-tube from preachers Must squeeze in “the Spirit” from all those teachers. The newest conclusion in Christendom Has five million hits, “I should listen to him” At the end of… Read more Up to my Ears


I sat on the tailgate of our pick-up truck outside of town and watched a huge storm come together. I could see for miles as it formed over the vast space of Kansas prairie. The low hanging clouds looked like the underside of an egg carton and had an ominous, stunning, reddish color. The cool breeze was a welcome relief at the end of a hot and humid summer day. I was newly wed and had just moved to Kansas with my husband who was gone on a military field… Read more Tornados

The Crown (Continued…)

It was a rough night. The pain in my hand kept me up for most of it. Even before the sun came up and the first light of day came into the room, I could see my hand was swollen and terribly infected. A red, painful streak was making its way from my palm to my wrist. I felt weak and assumed that the infection was causing a fever. It wasn’t just the pain though that caused my sleepless night; I couldn’t get this man’s bloody face out of my… Read more The Crown (Continued…)

The Crown

This past week someone asked me to imagine what it would have been like to be there at the scene of the cross, to assume someone’s point of view. The following made its way from my heart. It just stuck there in the ground, bloody and tangled, in an eerie sludge of reddish mud. I watched my comrades twist it together earlier, while we all made fun of him. Hours later, I saw a man named Joseph (I think he is from Arimathea) take it from the dead man’s head.… Read more The Crown