Rise Heart

This morning, Lindsey just took my breath away with her words. Please check out her beautiful and hopeful post.
“What a blessing it was to read here, Lindsey … THANK YOU!”


Dawn is an old woman creaking out of bed this morning. Her rosy fingers are slow to pull back the covers. Her sigh is cold at the window. 

I rise into slippers and wool and spilled coffee, the morning still grey as I patter about the house. This year has seemed slow to dawn too, at least in my mind. I am still adjusting to 2022, eyeing it with hope, but not without suspicion. I need a way to look at this old world with new focus. 

I’m so accustomed to the dark and dull that the glint of sunlight on the bare tree outside my window surprises me. I still feel the draft around the edges, but it reveals the beginnings of a sunny morning, and I am drawn.

Forget about breakfast, I layer up and bundle into my warmest parka, my biggest boots, and sling the camera around my scarved neck. Out I go.

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4 responses to “Rise Heart”

  1. I love her beautiful analogies! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Loved this, Heidi! She reminds me of you with her camera. 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing Lindsey’s post, Heidi. It encouraged my heart and inspired me to keep seeking the beauty and glory of God. Love and blessings to you!


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