On Being Seen

 For almost two weeks he laid there on the side of the road. He was probably flung overboard by a buckled child who was desperately kicking around for some freedom. He must have slid right past mom’s attention as she pushed a wiggly stroller. The cold December rain and snow did not do him any favors. A few cars, occasionally crossing the yellow sideline, had pushed him here and there.  He was only a discarded toy. Who can blame a world for passing? Yet, every time I drove by, I craned my neck. I am not sure what I was hoping to see.

Then, just a few days ago, on a sunny, cold afternoon, I pulled over. Just like that. I didn’t give myself time to analyze. I stepped on the brake, looked around for traffic, and gave him a ride home.

His once fluffy coat was salt-stained and mud-soaked. One eye was dangling from his head by a thread – the other one gone. His cap was almost torn off. He went through the wash three times. He needed a little coat, something not too complicated for a lost seamstress.

Then, carefully and with small, precise stitches into his again shiny body, I sewed his eyes. Two wooden buttons.

They stare at me from odd places on his face. As he sits across from my desk, I would like to think he can see. As his renewed eyes point in my direction, I pray for my eyes to be made new, to see again.

I want desperately to notice a hurting world around me — desire my eyes to see my God who sees me.

(Heidi Viars, 2022)


  1. I’m glad you noticed.
    I’m glad you stopped.
    I’m glad you renewed.
    I’m mostly glad you listened.
    I’m feeling the need to be seen today.
    Mostly, I want to see.
    “Thank you, God, for the gift of Heidi and how she makes you real to me. Amen”

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    • Sweet Sue …
      How good that El Roy (our Seeing God) knows us, sees us… ALWAYS. Rest in knowing that you are seen, beloved. In Christ, you are the apple of his eye. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? Blessings to you, my writing friend!


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