The Measure of Success

I love the stillness of a quiet house in the early morning. Everyone is sleeping and my coffee steaming while I write. Ever-so-slowly a new morning is poking through the yellowing leaves of the mature oaks by my window. The grandfather clock chimes in the background in rhythm with an old fashioned analog clock on the sill. The heater has turned on and hums from the basement. I am wrapped in an oversized sweater, looking back on the past 75 days.

Eleven weeks ago a tiny virus changed us forever. Our minds swirling, we began listening to different noises. Suddenly numbers on machines became the most important measure of a good or a bad day. Oxygen concentrator, oximeter, blood pressure cuff, and spirometer all displayed how Scott was feeling, became gauges of successes and failures. The beeping sound of alarms, the slurping and bubbling of the concentrator kept us up at night and always watching. Then, over the course of these weeks there came a slow fainting of noises. Machines and medical equipment went away — one by one. 

Tomorrow Scott will return to work. While I will miss him, we both view his absence as a huge success. I know I will call him one too many times and he will answer – probably annoyed.  I am sure, that the annoying ring will soon go away, too. 

“Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all.”
Ecclesiastes 9:11 (ESV) 

8 responses to “The Measure of Success”

  1. What wonderful news that Scott is well enough to return to work! Hallelujah!

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  2. Heidi, Praise the Lord!  So grateful that Scott could return to work today.  I know it’s been a long, frightful road, but God is good and He answered all our prayers for Scott, you and your family. Blessings, Vicki

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  3. Dear Heidi, praise the Lord for this new beginning of a new week and a new month.
    Knowing all things begin and end for His glory, I am glad we can say with David as he was coming to the end of his life. “God has made with me an everlasting covenant ordered in all things and sure. This is all my salvation and all my desire.” 2 Sam. 23:5 Praise Him for covenanting with us and pouring out His mercy and His grace. Love and blessings for you, Scott, and your family as you continue to witness of the Father’s goodness.

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  4. Blessings to you all, Heidi. I’m so glad Scott is out of the woods.

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  5. Praise God for the great update. Praying that you each have a blessed and joyful day, in Christ.

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  6. Such a journey you have been on. Thanks for sharing how your husband is doing—was wondering when I saw your name come up with a post:) Praise God for healing!

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  7. So glad your husband is feeling better and can go back to work! Praise God for answered prayer!
    God will continue to hold you both in His hand whether you are together or apart. Praying you will remember to turn your eyes heavenward in those times of loneliness and feel the presence of our Shepherd.

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  8. First, yay for Scott! Second, what a powerful thought you share here, Heidi! Life happens to us all. I love how you make one good point, not wasting words. I was ready to read more, but you ended with a scripture and let me finish the story for myself.

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