The Nearness of God (Sunday Quote)

Some time ago, early in the morning, I read in my devotional “A Diary of Private Prayer” by John Baillie. As the sun slowly rose the beams of light shone through my kitchen window. The rays broke through some stained glass and hit the pages of my book while I was praying.

It was a gentle glimpse of my Father’s heart through creation.

Here is what I was reading,

“O LORD and Maker of all things, whose creative power made the first ray of light, and who looked on the world’s first morning and saw that it was good. I praise you for this light that now streams through my window to waken me to the life of another day.” 

Psalm 73:28

But for me it is good to be near God;
I have made the Lord God my refuge,
that I may tell of all your works.
(Photo Heidi Viars, 2019)

12 responses to “The Nearness of God (Sunday Quote)”

  1. Powerful prayer. I love John Baillie. Thank you for sharing!

    How can I get his book?


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. The original is out of print (KJV) … but a newer version is available through online stores. Glad to have met you!


  2. So amazed by this special moment with Him! Thank you for encouraging us by sharing it and helping us look to Him and see our own special moments too! Love and prayers!


    1. Praying He opens your eyes today to see how close He is and how much He loves you, Deb!

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  3. Wow! What a lovely God-incident to demonstrate his love for you. Such a precious gift! I agree with Jenny, above: thank you for sharing your special moment with us!


    1. Thanks for being willing to share it … in the case of joy, once it’s shared it doubles 🙂


      1. And hallelujah for that God-given phenomenon!


  4. Beautiful and special time with the Lord, Heidi. Thanks for sharing. Yes, He is so good!


    1. Thank you for sharing it with me, friend!


  5. Beautiful passage, thank you for sharing ❤️.


    1. Thanks for your visit and your comment. Congrats again on your blog! Keep going and sharing His love, friend!

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      1. Thank you so much 😊. Same to you!


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