Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27th, 2018)

Trains filled with tears.
On one way tracks,
Pulled by invisible evil – passing gates that lie about freedom –
Drawn by vile forces into hell.

Fires, fueled by God’s own image.
Ovens can’t burn hot enough to consume the guilt.
Mass graves, bottomless pits, fed by famished frames.
Their depth covered with ignorance.
Time can’t silence their voices.

Guilt’s smoke rises upward.
Waiting – Stinging in the eyes of God on the last day …
Will testify to wickedness and evil.

Perceived imperfection perfectly sewn into garments and stamped into passports.
Imperfections tattooed by the imperfect.
The perfect image discarded by perfectly placed rounds.
Time doesn’t silence these sounds.

Too evil for eyes and ears to conceive.
No words can describe the vile and depth of wickedness.
Human depravity, pits – much deeper and larger than mass graves.
Humanity’s disease –
No fire fueled in man-made ovens is hot enough to destroy the shouting ashes.
No flames hot enough to eradicate faulty ideas.

Pointing bloody fingers toward God? A perversion from hell!
No, this is humanity without God.
This is Satan letting glimpses of hell spill onto earth!

Don’t look away!
Don’t look away!
Be vigilant Church, draw back the curtain of your comfort.
Come out from your beds of ease!
Find the injustice, before the graves of “the imperfect” find you and condemn
Your silence before God!


11 responses to “Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27th, 2018)”

  1. Powerful words, Heidi.
    I’m glad that “Time can’t silence their voices.”
    We must speak out on their behalf.


  2. Thank you Heidi , for remembering and helping us to remember too. Somethings are not meant to be forgotten. Blessings and peace be multiplied to you!


    1. Thank you, Debbie, for reading and leaving me a word of encouragement! Blessings to you as well.


  3. Bless you, Heidi, for helping us remember.


    1. Thank you, my dear friend … I am so blessed by your comment and more so by your faithful friendship xoxo


  4. Powerful, Heidi……God’s gift in you. Keep on using it……


    1. Thank you so much for that today! God knew I needed to hear you say that ……


  5. Truly a God-inspired poem, Heidi–perfect words to draw attention to and expose the horror of the Nazi death camps. Glimpses of hell on earth for certain. WE MUST NOT FORGET.


    1. Thanks for reading and faithfully speaking His truth into our lives in the blog world. On the opposite side of the inconceivable horrors of the world stands God’s faithfulness, goodness, and great great love… so great that it can swallow all this evil by the blood of His Son … available to anyone who asks for forgiveness! Thanks, Nancy for your always kind words! 🙂


  6. Excellent piece on the horrific reality.


    1. Thank you, sweet Liana. I struggled a while if I was suppose to post it. Thanks for your constant, encouraging voice in the world of Christian blogging.


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