What Kind of Hate …

I know that none, not one, would come
To God, without belief
In Jesus Christ, His only Son.
But yet, I rarely grieve.

I know that no sincerity
In faulty spun ideas
Will bring lost souls prosperity
But yet, I will not speak.

It’s funny how my mouth will move
To talk about the vain,
But when it comes to Gospel-proof
My tongue is mute – in pain.

Not to share God’s Gift to man –
So set His love aside,
Must surely be an evil plan
A peculiar kind of pride.

Oh God, please free me from this sin!
Keep me from Satan’s bate,
That feeds my fearful heart within;
Expel this kind of hate!

“Father, teach my heart to live in the power of the Holy Spirit
and speak with boldness of your truths and Jesus Christ,
who rescues us out of darkness!”
“Go therefore and make disciples …”
Matthew 28:19

5 responses to “What Kind of Hate …”

  1. So good, Heidi. Thanks for convicting me 🙂 your poem made me think of Penn Juliette, the famous Las Vegas magician and atheist. Watch this video if you haven’t seen it, I never thought an atheist would convict me, but he did.


    1. You know this was exactly what moved me to write this. What Penn said in that video had moved me a long time ago. The following was a story I heard a long time ago, but it left me also with an imprint on my soul. Both of these stories still motivate me today ….

      Leonard Ravenhill wrote in Why Revival Tarries

      Charlie Peace was a criminal. Laws of God or man curbed him not. Finally the law caught up with him, and he was condemned to death. On the fatal morning in Armley Jail, Leeds, England, he was taken on the death-walk. Before him went the prison chaplain, routinely and sleepily reading some Bible verses. The criminal touched the preacher and asked what he was reading. “The Consolations of Religion,” was the replay. Charlie Peace was shocked at the way he professionally read about hell. Could a man be so unmoved under the very shadow of the scaffold as to lead a fellow-human there and yet, dry-eyed, read of a pit that has no bottom into which this fellow must fall? Could this preacher believe the words that there is an eternal fire that never consumes its victims, and yet slide over the phrase with a tremor? Is a man human at all who can say with no tears, “You will be eternally dying and yet never know the relief that death brings”? All this was too much for Charlie Peace. So he preached. Listen to his on-the-eve-of-hell sermon:

      “Sir,” addressing the preacher, “if I believed what you and the church of God say that you believe, even if England were covered with broken glass from coast to coast, I would walk over it, if need be, on hands and knees and think it worthwhile living, just to save one soul from an eternal hell like that!


      1. So convicting, Heidi.
        Hell is not real to unbelievers, neither is a literal heaven. Like me before making a commitment to follow Christ, they live in a constant state of denial regarding eternity. Our job (the Great Commission) is to get them to face eternal reality.


  2. Thank you for this wake up call! Lord, help me be about Your business today.
    Love and prayers!


    1. Thank you, dearest Debbie for your faithfulness in encouraging my heart 🙂


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