Here is another song from Ken’s CD.

It’s funny how something inspiring inspires something else, how a question posed moves the heart to a deep place. The question that inspired this song was,
“Name an intangible gift you have been given!”
I knew the answer immediately. The following poem/song was the result of thinking about it more and more.
The gift was a key to my childhood home. My dad handed it to me on my way out of our home and out of the country to start a new life with my husband. This key was and still is a gift of unconditional love. I have kept it close to my heart all these years.

You can read the original post here

When long ago I left my home,
Love drew my heart away.
Adventures lured young, restless souls –
No one could make us stay.

With fearless zeal and courage packed
I left that Christmas day.
I never thought I would look back
Nor mourn my childhood ways.

But you reached out your Father’s hand –
Held out a rope and key,
You wanted me to understand,
Your door unlocks for me.

If soon our new found love grew cold,
Or winds and storms would come,
Or new adventures fast turn old,
You’d always have me home.

That day your kindness gave me hope;
It helped my heart to see,
That at the end of every rope
There always is a key!

Danke, Papa




  1. Oh, praise God for that key at the end of the rope–the key to our heavenly home, the key Jesus gave us when we met him at the cross. Then again, the key could represent the way to God’s presence and peace when we can hardly cope with life. You’ve created a wonderful metaphor, Heidi, with layers of meaning!


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