Imago Dei

His image printed on each face
In every heart displayed
His glory mirrored in each race
Throughout the earth arrayed

His picture on the weakest child
On old and frail, there too
In men and women – both alike
His likeness peers on through

In those despised by this world’s fair
In lost and in the found
In poor and rich – His imprint’s there
In people all around

Be careful then how you treat man
For God’s face is on all
To love your neighbor is His plan
To see Him there His call

Genesis 1:26a
Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

2 responses to “Imago Dei”

  1. “God’s face is on all” — Your poem is a touching reminder that every person around us deserves respect and kindness, just as Jesus would demonstrate. Thank you, Heidi, for weaving your words so creatively to instruct and inspire us!


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