After All

After listening to Chris Fabry Live today, I was inspired to write my sweet hubby a Valentine’s card.

march 31st sunrise 012

This year we will be married for 28 years. He is still the love of my life.

18 Comments on “After All

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  2. Your poem captured the different seasons of life! What a precious gift to go through the good and bad of life with the love of your life!


    • Debbie, that was my intention with the poem. We are definitely entering (have entered) the second half of our marriage and are recognizing how valuable all those seasons are. I am looking forward to what else God is teaching our hearts about each other and about Himself. Thanks for you comment. It blessed me.


  3. And no doubt every -ing gerund will bring to your husband’s mind an image or experience the two of you have shared, adding significance to the twenty-six years you’ve spent loving and keeping together. I found myself thinking how those words pinpointed highlights of Steve’s and my marriage, too. Reflective and beautiful, Heidi!


    • Thank you, sweet Nancy! As I continue to walk next to him, I can see more and more value in those highlights. Blessings to you and your hubby as you continue on that journey with him. Not always easy, but so worth it.


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