Of Dead-Heading and Vision Problems


I love dead-heading my flowers. Early in the morning and in the cool evening hours I go out and spend time trimming away, especially at the Petunias in hope it would encourage more blossoms, which in turn attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Today, in the midst of my summer bliss of chopping away at the plants, I noticed something very disturbing. Something is seriously wrong with my eyes. As I was clipping the wilted parts off the Petunias, I realized that I have only been paying attention to the dead flowers. I have successfully (and to my dismay) trained my eyes to see only the drooping blossoms. To make matters worse, this vision issue has even spread to my day to day ability to assess the world around me.

Maybe it was Bill’s post (at Unshakable Hope) that got me thinking. Maybe it was my realization of my cranky attitude toward my kids. Maybe it was the sermon at church about humility and how we easily spot the flaws in others.

With the news of the fall of well known spiritual leaders, with the bombardment of news of violence in our towns, with the sadness of loved ones passing and one more friend getting cancer, my vision has become blurred. I walk through my day, focused on what needs to be dead-headed, forgetting to look around me for the blossom, namely Jesus.

His promises don’t change.
His Word is true.
His peace is real.
His blood still covers every sinner who surrenders to Him.
His presence, through the Holy Spirit, is available to all who seek the Truth.
His power is as strong as it was when He raised Himself from the dead.

… and those are beautiful blossoms, indeed!nature, September, orchard 047

Lord, teach my heart to look for the blossoms.

Let me not grow weary or develop a cold heart.
Help me to see Christ
And proclaim the Truth of the Gospel –
In Word and deed.
Teach me to see the good.
Guard my eyes from evil and teach my mind to focus on You.

hydrangea sunrise 004

(Heidi Viars, 2015)

17 responses to “Of Dead-Heading and Vision Problems”

  1. Oh Heidi, this is so moving–and speaks to my heart personally, thank you. Bless you!


    1. May He always point our eyes (and hearts) to the “blossoms” all around! Bless you!


  2. It’s so easy to see the negative when we are bombarded by it. Thanks for the reminder to keep looking up, where our hope lies.


  3. Heidi, what beautiful words to match the beauty in your photos. We need to be reminded of this every day – to seek the loveliness. Not to put on rose-colored glasses; simply to look for truth, and open our heart to the Spirit. Thank you.

    Thanks, too for wandering over to the new site. That boosted my spirit. 🙂


  4. Thank you for that list of blossoms we all can enjoy, no matter our circumstances. A worthy meditation-exercise would be to collect a whole bouquet of similar blooms. Thank you for the inspiration, Heidi. SO appreciate your humble heart–a place of fertile, spiritual soil where your wonderful blog posts can grow!


    1. Thank you, dear Nancy, for your kind words of encouragement, another blossoms in my day 🙂
      Blessings to you, dear blogging friend.


  5. What beautiful pictures and great analogy! I love how you’ve captured the life going on with the flowers. Like you said, what we miss when we focus on what’s dying. Thanks for reminding us of where our focus should be. Blessings.


    1. Thanks, Mel, for your encouragement. Thank you also for helping us look at the beautiful blossom of Jesus Christ at your blog! Blessings to you

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  6. It sounds like God did some pruning in your life (changing your vision) so that you can be even more fruitful for Him. (John 15:2)


    1. I am grateful that God is patient with me as I am a slow learner :-/ … and I am grateful for your kind words of encouragement.


  7. Thought-provoking post, Heidi. Beautiful pictures!
    (Thank you for mentioning my blog).


    1. Thanks for writing from your heart, which is obviously surrendered to Christ. You inspire many!


  8. Yes, so easy to focus on circumstances/trials that threaten to take our eyes away from Jesus. We need to keep our hearts and eyes like flint piercing the darkness of the night and watching for the promise of the coming dawn.


    1. Thank you, Liana, for stopping in. God is good in drawing our eyes over our circumstances. Blessings to you, sweet blogging friend.

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