Be Bold

sunrise cross march 2015 037

God faithfully ministers to my heart.
He draws us His with His powerful love,
Straight into His presence.

The following song is a powerful reminder for me.

I pray it might encourage you as well.

13 responses to “Be Bold”

  1. What a gorgeous photo, Sister!


    1. We serve a gorgeous God 🙂 … I just push the button!


      1. He makes things easy(er)!


  2. Great post and song, Heidi.


  3. Wonderful words and music, Heidi. Thank you for introducing it to us.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


  4. This song is new to me, too. So uplifting and affirming! Thank you, Heidi!


    1. My son bought me the album just one week before his accident last year, where he almost lost his life. There is something so tender but yet so powerful in that song… it brings me to a place of utter dependence and sweet trust, and a confidence that I can boldly come before my God with anything that concerns me.


  5. Beautiful song and great reminder that because of our relationship with Christ, we can boldly approach the throne of grace!


    1. I agree with you, Rene! God is so gracious to us, isn’t He!

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  6. Thank you, Heidi, a blessed reminder in the craziness of life in the now. [ :


    1. Oh, how we need these small breaks to slow us down and lift us up. I am praying for you today, sweet Kathie. Know that the Lord will perfect that which concerns you today! (Psalm 138:8)


  7. This is the first I’ve heard this song…I love it!


    1. Each time I hear it, I am reminded that I can boldly approach the Creator of the Universe through Jesus Christ and what He did for me. Oh, the love of our God!!!


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