The Beauty of the Cross

sunrise cross march 2015 020 (2)

I headed out early into a cold morning.
I found myself at the foot of an empty cross.

I am overwhelmed by the Love of God,
who allows me to look at an empty cross.

My sins have been cancelled.
That which stands in the way of my relationship
with the Lover of my soul
has been paid for – in full.

The cross is empty!

sunrise cross march 2015 038

Come to Jesus.
He is real and alive.
He overcame death – your death.
Your sins demanded this payment.
Know the worth of your soul.
Know that the Lover of your heart
would pour out His blood for you.
Repent, dear soul, and give your life to Christ
while there is still time.

sunrise cross march 2015 036

 “He committed no sin,
    and no deceit was found in his mouth.”
hen they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate;
when he suffered, he made no threats.
Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross,
so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness;
“by his wounds you have been healed.”

For “you were like sheep going astray,
”but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

1 Peter 2:22-25
(Pictures Heidi Viars, March 2015)


  1. Thank you, Heidi , for going to the cross and then taking us there too! I am so blessed by “the empty cross”. We often hear about the tomb being empty, but there is something that really touches me about the cross being empty. God bless you and yours as you go to Him today!


    • As I stood there in front of that cross yesterday morning, I actually thought of the empty tomb. Christ is alive! Neither cross nor tomb could hold Him … but were only means by which we would come to understand His amazing grace to us 🙂 Sending much love your way, sister!


    • What a blessing to know that these words accomplished what they were intended for! Indeed, we find all our worth in Him~ May we continue to draw near the heart of God and spur one another on toward the finish line 🙂 You are loved, sister!


    • Dearest Sue, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing a quiet whisper, “Come to the water for rest!” Then a few days ago I followed a path I was not familiar with. I “ran into” this cross then. This morning I thought about my experience and headed to the spot at sunrise! It was marvelous. It blew me away. I tried to imagine the women coming to the empty tomb at sunrise only to find Christ had gone. When I took these shots it was only about 15 degrees. I was so cold, but my heart was warmed with the knowledge that Christ is with us …. He never leaves nor forsakes. Thanks, Sue, for your kind words. You are loved 🙂

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  2. “Know the worth of your soul.” Sometimes we forget that Jesus loves each of us as if there was only one of us (St. Augustine). To be loved like that by the Son of the God of the universe is incomprehensible. Thank you, Heidi, for filling our hearts with fresh awe this morning.


    • Nancy, your comments always bless me with this extra bit of Holy Spirit encouragement! It was a marvelous morning with the Lord. He is good and always meets us when we seek His heart! Sending Easter greetings your way, blogging friend!


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