Give me a Song

rainy morning 003Lord, show me how to praise Your name
In all my days and nights the same.
In all my doubts and questions why.
Help me to lift Your name on high.

Lord, when my heart with heavy load
Prevents me hands to heaven hold.
Here show me how to sing your songs,
Reveal to whom my joy belongs

When gloom and fear like heavy clouds
Won’t lift and questions fuel my doubts,
Give me a song to sing to you
Remind me that you walk me through.

When enemies come moving in
When victory’s hope and light grow dim,
Lift peaceful songs to You, my King
Give strength and power as I sing.

birds 008My lips will shout for joy,
when I sing praises to you;
my soul also,
which you have redeemed.
Psalm 71:23


(Poem and Pictures, Heidi Viars, 2014)


    • He is faithful to hold His children in the palm of His righteous right hand – through ANY storm. He never leaves nor forsakes them, Wendy! I took the pictures the other day, when after a long summer, I was able to set out on my walks again. Blessings to you, dearest Wendy!

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  1. Reading your post and all the comments overwhelms me with His goodness, Heidi! Thank you so much! He indeed did give you a song within this poem!
    Love and prayers as you worship Him!


  2. Oh, this is beyond wonderful Heidi! Watching Marilyn Hickey’s program today–she had a guest on who was talking about “to do” lists, and keeping our priorities straight (Godly). She said if she has a lot on her list, can’t get it all done, maybe she’s tired, etc–she’s learned to “just make time for worship”. Great advice, me thinks. God bless you and the peeps today!!


  3. Just beautiful Heidi … oh! Lord, please flood Heidi with your joy. May she sing of her love for you amidst all that each day holds for her and her loved ones. No matter our singing voice, the Lord’s touch sweetens all.


  4. Oh, Heidi! This post speaks God’s wisdom to my heart and expresses what I, too, would say to Him. (But you’ve done it with such beauty and grace!) In fact, I’m going to save this post. When clouds of adversity roll in, I’ll use your poem as a journal prompt, to help me praise and sing–even in the dark. Thank you, Heidi!


  5. Heidi, I love your poem/song. and your photos always uplift and amaze me! It is interesting that you wrote of being able to sing songs to God during trials, and also of asking God to give songs to us. He did that for me when Jim was at his lowest. He began giving me snippets of praise songs. I tried as best as I could to record them, but just not sure what to do with them. Blessings for your ministry to the body of Christ. I’ve missed reading your lovely posts!


    • One morning, after a very rough evening in the ICU with Corey, I woke up with a song on my heart. The words of “Ten Thousand Reasons” by Matt Redman, ran through my mind. I kept singing them as I was slowing waking up. That morning, before heading to the hospital, I pulled into a landing at a nearby lake to witness an incredible sunrise. God in His amazing timing allowed me to listen to that song on the radio while standing there, watching the sun come up. I felt such peace, knowing that God, despite my circumstances was indeed good. I walked into the ICU that morning to find that my son had made such progress that He was being weaned off the ventilator. I did not know, as I was worshiping at that lake, that God had been answering my prayers. It became so obvious to me that we worship the Lord, not because He gives us what we desire, but because He is so good. He is not good because He gives us what we want, but because He cannot be anything else but good. It’s His very nature. So glad to be able to touch base again with you, dear dear blogging friend.


      • Heidi. I have been so out of the loop that I didn’t know your son was in ICU. Blessings, my friend. And yes- no matter the storm, God is good. What am awesome testimony! What awesome testimonies He gives to each of us who will just open our hearts to praise and seek His ways!


        • On July 23, he went on an early morning bicycle ride. When he failed to stop at a stop sign, he collided with a truck. He sustained severe lung damage and was flown to a nearby trauma center. He spent 10 days in ICU on a ventilator and 5 days in a regular hospital room. God met us in amazing ways … all of us … down to the newest members of our family. Sending you much love, dear friend.


          • Heidi, praise God he survived and is on the mend! Thanks for sharing. Must have been a harrowing experience, but so glad God was
            still able to use it for His glory through your lives. Still, as I learned from ain’t losing my sweetheart husband this summer, ICU experiences are draining – emotionally and physically.


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