Her Lost Song

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

january 4th, 2013 012Once right -now wrong,
Her pain so real.
Her childhood song
He came to steal.

The voice of truth –
The reason why –
Their whispers fade,
In silent cry.
A violent thought,
A tragic choice,
Of flesh in need,
He took her voice.
No one can bear
The tears she cries.
Not even hear
This pain disguised.
Here in this hole,
In anguish lies,
The tragic loss
Of childhood smiles.
No end in sight.
Now only tears,
And hell and pain,
For many years.
Who will shine light
Into her heart,
Which hurts so deep
Right from the start?
Please pray for her
To find the Light,
To find the Truth,
Stop endless night.
The Lord will guide
And show the way.
Don’t turn your heart,
Instead you pray.
Pray for her pain
To lessen soon,
To turn her night
Into bright noon.
Pray for the man
Who took her smile,
Who’s lost his soul
In endless vile.
You hold her tight
And help her sing.
Walk by her side
Toward Christ her King.
january 4th, 2013 027
“Father, please forgive us.
While chasing our dreams,
we have ignored the nightmares of our children.”
(Heidi Viars, 2014)


    • Dearest Melody, I think you are right … the pain rises straight to heaven itself, to the throne of our Abba, Father, who will one day set all things straight. I appreciate you so much … you are an inspiration to me! I am so sorry that happened to you.


      • My story is being redeemed – all praise to my Healer! And all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Eventually. It certainly hasn’t been easy, nor what I would have chosen. But there need to be voices from all walks of life, and I am willing to be that for those whose voice has been stolen away….


    • Oh, Skye, there is truly nothing amazing in me, but Christ. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and the only one who can make beautiful things out of big messes … Blessings, dear friend.


  1. My heart breaks for girls and boys who are sold and kidnapped. I appreciate your heart in praying for the abusers, too, as difficult as that can be sometimes. There is a Christian organization called Unearthed that is trying to get at the root of sexual exploitation and stopping it at the source by reaching the victimizers, as well as the victims. Praying for those who are crushed in spirit and chained by sin.


  2. Dear Heidi, the pain of human trafficking is a stark reality. Sometimes I chide myself for living in such a cocooned, protected world, but there are little girls, young women out there around this planet, who are actually abused and suffering (in the thousands and perhaps millions)…. I pray for more resources in governments and enlightened private sectors around this globe to be marshalled against this inhuman blight against the weak and the defenseless, atrocities that would make even the angels of heaven to weep.


    • You are so right, Dee. While it is difficult to know what to do, we can pray. I believe with all my heart, that God listens to our prayers, if we allow Him to give us His compassion and heart. In Christ, we can come before the throne of the Almighty and plead on behalf of our children. I continue to look at Isaiah 58 where God promises to go before us as we take up the cause of the week, hungry, afflicted, and broken. This IS His heart.
      Let’s keep our hearts, eyes, and minds open to what He has us do … for His ways and thoughts are nothing like ours.
      Thanks so much for reading, dearest Dee!


    • James 5:16 “Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”
      Thank you for reading, Brother!


  3. Lord, please send help to those crying silent tears, those crying tears heard; but not comforted, those unable to cry because circumstances have become unbearable and they no longer have the strength to cry … please send Your word, Your Word and heal them, save them, in Jesus Name, Amen.


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