Wait;Psalm 27;14Now wait my soul,
Don’t rush ahead.
Your God will keep
All that He said
While all seems dark,
While silence stands,
He is not far.
You’re in His hands.
So wait my soul.
Don’t fret and fear.
Be still and know
Your God is near.

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  1. Your poems are so beautiful and timely. They could be songs! I was feeling a little distance this morning, so I cued up some praise songs, sang along, prayed and drew near to Him. I know that He is always near and always faithful. I’m the one who fears and frets, sins and regrets. So thankful for His patience, grace and steadfastness. And thankful for the gift of prose He has given you to share with us! 🙂


  2. Yes, as you know, it seems most of the Christian life is waiting. However, when The Lord decides to move hang on. Your character is being honed Heidi.


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