I AM A …

… thatched Roof!!!!

Good job to those who guessed it 🙂

Below the same roof twice … only the focus changed.

Sometimes it pays to step back and look at the whole picture.


Kommern Freilichtmuseum, July 31, 2013 005

“Lord, teach me to know when to look closely

and when to step back and see things from a different perspective.”

Kommern Freilichtmuseum, July 31, 2013 006

7 responses to “I AM A …”

  1. I’ve never seen a thatched roof live and in person. Thanks for the close-up.


  2. What a great lesson!


    1. Thank you, Rene… for reading and commenting~


  3. Very good word today–step back and look again; I’m in dire need of His perspective. God bless you BIG.


    1. God bless you BIG, too, Bennetta 🙂 Thank you so much for your always kind comments!


  4. Good lesson for us, Heidi. Perspective is crucial. I love how quaint thatched houses look.


    1. I agree with you, Wendy 🙂


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