Learning to Walk


I am learning to walk – walking with God.
I am learning to walk with Him through each day with eyes open,
knowing that He is present. He is teaching me lovingly that

He is ever-present

He is already where I am going

He has been with me on those paths that are behind me.


“Lord, this world is not our home. We long for you. Teach us to walk closely with you. Show us, in the moments of each day, how present you are. We are often numb and deaf and can’t hear your gentle whispers of love to our hearts. You are our loving Father. Protect us from growing unaware. Teach us what it means to walk with You. “


He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8 

fog, April 1th, 2013 025

I took the pictures yesterday morning. The fog was thick and the blackness of the previous night had not all been consumed yet by the new day. Then, as I continued to walk, the new day was making its way in through that paths in the forest. Fog lifted and beams of light turned a black and white world once again to color.


  1. Indeed Barb, we are in such desperate need for Him… and sight in Him. We hold, deep within our souls, a longing for Him, that nothing in this world can fulfill. … Thanks so much for taking time to stop in! Many blessings to you, dear friend! 🙂


  2. Another stellar piece. I recently wrote a piece that had strains of the same theme…i think we all are in desperate need of sight in Him.


  3. Hello Heidi,
    It isn’t just nature that God’s light shows through. It is also people like you. You are allowing God through your blog to help push the fog of doubt, frustration, and hardship away from those who read it. The light of His grace and mercy shine and obliterates all that is contrary to His will. You photos prove this in a natural setting, but the Word of God and your reflection in your own words help defeat the powers of darkness. May God be praised.


  4. Heidi, these pictures are so moody and marvelous! Yes, his Presence and beauty are even evident in the foggy days. Sadly, it sometimes takes those kinds of days to slow me down enough to listen…

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    • Me too, Wendy. How amazing is it that the Creator God, the Maker of the Stars and the Universe, and the Author and Perfecter of our Faith would be so intimately involved in our lives as to speak in these whispers across our longing hearts? … Love both your blogs … He has gifted you to share His Word!


  5. Heidi, this was so powerful to me. Especially how God arranges the day, for you to see Him and hear His message and then share it. I am learning to walk too, everyday. Thank you and God bless you!


    • Oh Deb, He is so powerful and amazing. The morning was so gloomy and foggy (as you can see in the pictures). I had set out with my heart matching the mood of the weather. My mind and heart were heavy with worries and I was unable to even form prayers … I asked Him to not let me return home without giving me what I had come for, a taste of His goodness. Then, there in that awareness of His sovereignty and presence He assured my heart that He loved me. The pictures are just a small attempt to capture the remarkable moments…
      I thank you so much for your posts … the one about simplicity especially.. it spoke so much to me …God used it to remind me that I don’t have to have it all figured out … He knows it all. I can walk and follow Him! Sorry for the long reply … still so overwhelmed by His goodness 🙂


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