One Thousand

One thousand days,

One thousand paths,

One thousand ways,

Lead me to One.


One thousand pains,

One thousand hurts,

One thousand chains,

Lead me to One.


One thousand fears,

One thousand hearts,

One thousand tears,

Lead me to One.


Instead of seeing with my eyes,

Help me to see with my heart devoted to You.

Instead of hearing with my ears,

Help me to hear with a soul of compassion.

Instead of walking with my feet,

Help me to walk with my mind steadfast on You,  and step out in faith,

help in Your name –

One soul at a time

4 responses to “One Thousand”

  1. Heidi this is so awesome and a prayer for all of us to repeat . . . that we should lead one soul to His throne makes a thousand angels sing 🙂 ~ May God continue to bless you with His thougths to share with us.


    1. Sometimes the pains and hurts of this world can be overwhelming … but He can lead us to the next one thing to do … and He will if we ask Him to show us 🙂 thanks for taking time to share your encouragement … blessings to you, sister!


  2. Beautiful poetical advice to focus on “one soul at a time”! Heidi, it amazes me how He can hear all of our prayers from all over the globe and still love us as individuals – “One soul at a time”.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    1. We can get so overwhelmed with the hurt and worries of this world that we forget how much power He has given us in the Spirit for one moment at a time 🙂 much love your way, dear friend!


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