Pardon Me

S’cuse me while you folks debate,
In knowledge deep and high,
While you ponder those who’re gone
And said their last good bye.

Sorry, if I bother you,
In fig’ring out who lied,
That boy took daddy’s gun away
Left, shot himself, and died.
I’m sorry if I interrupt
Your busy daily spiel,
There‘s that girl who cuts herself
So deep she cannot feel.
Please do forgive my forcefulness
While you look to the sky,
But could I point you to the ground
Where our children die?
Pardon, while you mince your words
With Greek and Hebrew flair,
Our children look to Satan’s lies
And answers will find there.
I beg you now to stop and pray
And turn your word to deed,
To love, and teach, and show the way
To kids who hurt so deep.
Show Christ’s love, the Truth, the Life,
So to destroy the lies.
Through Him this generation lives,
And through Him never dies.


  1. thank you for your visit today 🙂 you bless me with your blog … and deep longing for Jesus Christ … I often read your poetry back to the Lord … they so often reflect my own longing … Keep going!!!


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