Winter of the Soul

january 4th, 2013 037Cold covers the earth. She has seeped under every rock and crevasse and is trying her best to make her way through my front door and windows.  She is staying, not budging nor moving on soon. She has blanketed the barren trees with her companion, the snow. Branches stretch like bony hands into the sky to receive them both.

It seems as if the winter has not only moved outside my window, but is trying to claim hearts as well. A deep desire for authentic love leaves many hurting – like children left out too long on a freezing day. Unanswered questions move in like frost and nurture doubt in an almighty and powerful God. Discontentment breathes over us like a harsh wind over a Wisconsin lake in December. The enemy thrives. His cold deceptions aim to kill and destroy, or at a minimum render us useless.

We must stand firm and resist the temptation to stay under a comfortable blanket inside. God called us to speak of His kindness and love. He called us to action, even into a frozen world. We must face the cold and dark with the light and warmth of Christ. His grace is what melts cold hearts.

Let us make ourselves available.  Let us pray He will use us. Let us pray that He will find us working in His strength. Let us pray we will be obedient no matter how cold it gets. Let us pray we find the strength to work while it is still day, even if it is freezing, outside as much as inside.

january 4th, 2013 027


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