Complete Surrender

december 8th, 2012 sunrise over green lake Complete surrender

acknowledges God’s sovereign control and trusts in the working together of all things.

Complete surrender

sees that all things belong to God, loved ones, joys, gratitude, and contentment as well as hurt relationships, pain, hunger, and longing.

Complete surrender

trusts in the times that make no sense, as well as in times of understanding.

Complete surrender

is the goal to which the soul should set off running.

Every hurdle and loss, can become a gift of surrender and turn into an offering.

“Father, help me completely surrender to You.

Your heart is kind. Your hold is strong. Your ways are right. Your judgments are just. Your love is true.

What I hold tight in my hands, will eventually spoil, but what I freely give to You, will bring fruit.

What I fear will become reality, but my confidence in You will make me strong.”

sunrise November 21st, 2012 005

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