How Can I Thank You?

(This poem came to me at Easter 2012 – out of incredible thankfulness to Jesus)


How can I thank You,

For the pain endured,

For the blood that You spilled

and the peace You secured?


How can I thank You

For willingly go,

Where I should have went

As Your blatant foe?


How can I thank You

For taking my blame,

For all I deserved,

My faults and my shame?


How can I thank You,

For sins gone away,

For the freedom I have,

And the debt You paid?


I can not  thank You

With only my words,

I admit to You now

The debt I incurred.


I ask You, my Lord,

My Savior, My Friend,

All my sin to take,

And to make them an end.


I give you my life,

My heart, and my soul.

Make following You

My desire and goal.


I will pray to stand

In Truth and in Light,

That I will stay close,

Not try leave Your side.


I do thank You Lord,

For dying my death,

For being my Life,

My Joy and my Breath.

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