A Rainy Day

Reasons are many to like the day

When it’s dreary and cold and rainy and grey.

When rain pounds o so loud and clear,

On the window, the roof, and into my ear.


I love the rain and dark dreary day,

When wind and clouds do chase and play.

When all the world’s troubles are quiet and stilled

And when I’m under my favorite quilt.


When the wind makes noise and rain paints the road

When the trees are bend and the last leaves float

In puddles, and then are pushed along

By wind and the rain and a wonderful song.


The reasons are many to love these days

When the wind and the rain through alleys chase

When the rain and clouds you can almost touch.

When you think and ponder on life so much.


You ask me if I do love the sun.

I say, “I do, but the rain makes me hum.”

You ask me if I’d rather stay

And bask in the warmth of a balmy day.


Then I say, “No! I’d much rather play

With the wind and the rain on a cloudy day.

They seem my friends and I am theirs.

They make me leave my worries and cares.”


The wind, and the rain, and the fog, and clouds

They make me quite calm when life starts to shout.

They quiet my fears during life toughest fight.

They point me to the One and the Light.


The darkest of days He can calm by His voice.

He can speak through life and all the noise.

He lights up my day when it’s dreary and wet.

He tells me to trust Him and not to fret.


He is my Light my Life and my Way.

Of this He reminds on this dreary day.

This is His challenge, and this is His call,

To give Him thanks in rain and all.

Let me know what you think

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