All I Ever Need

In the depth of the dark, be a song in my heart.

When my soul is weary and the troubles of the night rear their heads,

Be my comfort and joy.

Make my thoughts clean before you and turn my heartache to a joyful song.

Let your blood cover my life and flow to the crevasses of my understanding.

Let the night be the place I praise you until dawn.


You knew me before the day you formed the earth.

You knew my ways before you set the first star in place.

You knew me when I was conceived, and you held me while you formed me.

You knew me then, you know me now.


You know me when my troubles seem to overtake me.

You know me when I fear to fight the enemy.

You know me when I am insecure and rather hide.

You know me when I stray from the secure path you have for me.

You know how to strengthen me and teach me patiently.

You know me now and you know my future.


You know where I will be in the days to come.

You know the road that is before me, and every turn and bend.

You know the people I will encounter and friends I have not met yet.

You know the heartaches that are still to come and the joys that have not made me laugh yet.

You knew me then, you know me now, and you will know me in a million years.


You are the joy of my heart,

The love of my life,

The peace in my soul,

The rain in my drought,

The calm in my storm,

The light of my dark,

The sword in my fight,

The hope in my world,

The shelter in my fear,

The water I thirst,

The daddy I need,

And so much more.

Please forgive me when I go anywhere else with my needs.


Father, wake me with a praise in my heart and a song on my mind. Make me aware of you in my yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But especially in the “right now”. You are the God of all of that. You are the “I Am”.
(After I had gone to sleep fretting over circumstances beyond my control, I woke up one night praying these words. In previous nights I had experienced sleeplessness and anxiety and prayed for God to show me to trust Him. I believe this was His answer to my heart…. praise Him, when I don’t have all the answers!)

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