Wandering from Home

Wandering away from home isn’t a good idea. Aimless wandering eventually turns painful. I think the Lost Son in Luke 15:11-32 would share some messy details of his wandering adventure, if we were able to talk to him. I think he would would warn us, who are so prone to wander, to stay close to home and near to the Father’s heart.

I too have walked away from the save places which God prepared for me. I can see how it happened. It started with tiny whispers of discontentment. The voices slowly grew louder and started to question the place of security and provisions. The winding road ahead became more and more intriguing and lured away from safety. Eventually, I trusted the voices and myself more then God and what He had for me.

The Lord does not leave nor forsake His child. He sees us on those winding roads, always beckons to come home into his loving arms. While the noise of the world wants to drown out the Father’s gentle call, it has nothing to offer in the end, but pain and sorrow.

The safest place, the sweetest comfort, the purest love, the richest provision, the deepest joy, are all found near the Father’s heart. He longs for us to turn around on that winidng road and make our way back home, where He is patiently waiting.

2 responses to “Wandering from Home”

  1. Genau! Ich denke oft an diesen ort… dann bekomme ich immer ein bischen heimweh … danke fuer deinen Kommentar …. hab dich lieb!


  2. ich glaub ich weiß wo das auf dem Bild ist 🙂


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