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It Matters

We are made to tell our story and listen to the ones around us. We are storytellers because our Father is an eternal Storyteller. He weaved our story into us before He gave creation its first breath – before He gave it to us. Our story is not finished with our final breath, not even when the earth breathes its last.  Why wouldn’t we gently share and carefully listen to find out what it means to be human, what it means to be fully known and completely loved?  I wonder… Read more It Matters

The Wellspring

When Love is abundant, store it awayFor a time of great hate will comeWhen it does and you stand in warring days You’ll have plenty to draw love from.  When it’s day and gorgeous Light fills your eyes,Keep the vision of Light in mind.For darkness will come and and evil will riseWhen for the blind your light must shine When Hope spills like water over your dayWhen within your soul all is wellPour this hope in a well – make it to stayThen dig deep, when fear wants to dwell When… Read more The Wellspring

Of Monsters and Beasts

I came in the house carried food from afar Like women of old, who shopped at bazaars. Was tired and beat from reading the signs, From standing on blue tape and waiting in lines. “How was it?” my hubs and all the kids asked. I collapsed in the chair and took off my mask. “Oh, my dear children, let me tell you a tale How I found tp and this food on sale. It’s scary and dark as the land has gone mad. There’s monster out there and it’s evil… Read more Of Monsters and Beasts

She Much Rather …

The pastor gave the final blessing over the congregation from an empty stage. He looked down at his guitar as he strummed a few soft chords and prayed. He was a gentle musician and an honest preacher. “Love people and love God!” He’d say. Everybody knew he meant it. He lived it. Her church wasn’t perfect, but her living room was no sanctuary either. She hated leaving like this. With a click. She wished he would have played one more hymn. She closed her laptop and swallowed hard. She much rather… Read more She Much Rather …