Maybe and Amen

There, at the entrance of every new path,
At the onset toward Uncertainty and Longing,
Stands an iron gate called Maybe,
Guarded by towering, stoic sentries.

They vet the traveler’s weak desire,
Try to persuade the meek to turn around.
Fear and doubt tucked tightly into their sheaths.
“Beware,” they whisper in unison.

Take hold of the path, dear Soul!
Look straight ahead through Maybe!
You will find your sandals have names too.
One is “Amen” and the other “So Be It”.

For God gave us a spirit not of fear
but of power and love and self-control.
2 Timothy 1:7

I look around and I am fearful.
I take my eyes off your heart for me,
forget that longing and uncertainty make me strong,
keep me moldable to receive your Truth.
Keep my heart from growing hard, settled in my own truths and
stuck in an unteachable spirit.
YOUR love,
your “yes” and “amen”,
are what I desire.”

(Prose and prayer by Heidi Viars – 2023
inspired by Martin Schleske, Werk/Zeuge
Scripture taken from the ESV)

11 responses to “Maybe and Amen”

  1. Artfully and meaningfully written, Heidi. Your images help me distest fear and doubt all the more! Lord, may I keep my sword of the Spirit drawn, ready to battle against these foe, so I can stand my ground!


  2. Dear Heidi, I’m touched by your words! I’m always eagerly to open your posts. How beatifull described. I love the prayer: Dear Father, and so be it, Amen!! I’ll print it out to be as a reminder in my house this year.

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    1. Maria, your words touch me deeply. How often do I wonder, “Am I hearing from you, Lord?” “Do you still want me to speak against this darkness?” “But what are my words?” … Then, a comment like yours, like a kind and gentle reminder, touches my heart deeply … keeps me going and has me sit just a little straighter while I type. THANK YOU. ❤️


  3. I love the sandals names Heidi. I’m also bringing my sling shot!
    Great post, I so relate to standing too long in front of Maybe

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    1. Oh, wait… the slingshot. I almost forgot. I will be right there. See you by the giants, brother!

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  4. I like it too, Heidi! Prose and prayer is fitting for the first day of the year—and every day after.

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    1. Let us keep reminding each other, David!


  5. Heidi, I love this! What a unique way to show the doubts and temptation to compromise that is experienced by anyone who has been a Christ-follower for any length of time. Well done!
    Have a blessed (and unwavering) 2023.

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    1. Yes, Annie … 2 Corinthians 1:20!!!


    2. Great New Year’s message. Onward Christian soldier!


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